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Hashtags are a very powerful and important feature of Instagram.

The hashtag is a hash symbol (#) which is used before a relevant keyword or phrase, for example #instagram. On social media, the hashtag is probably the most common way of categorising content. It helps you make your own content more discoverable while also finding interesting content from other individuals and companies. Consider how you can search for a product or service on Google, and then translate it into hashtags. Hashtags are a convenient, easy, and cost-free method of connecting with and engaging other social media users around a shared theme or interest.

Understanding how to use hashtags is critical to your Instagram success. Increasing the organic scope of your Instagram posts is as simple as using the right hashtags. Instagram posts with hashtags receive more views and feedback, with posts having 9 hashtags performing 2.5 times better than posts with only one. You can only use 30 hashtags per Instagram post.

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Number of Hashtags vs. Average Engagement Per post

What are the benefits of using hashtags?

  • Increased interaction with your audience
  • An amazing opportunity to grow your brand
  • A way to prove that you care about social issues
  • Make a social media post more interesting by adding correct meaning.
  • Make it easier for your target audience to find you.

Not only hashtags play a crucial role on Instagram but content on Instagram also plays important for engagement.

There are only 30 hashtags per post available per post, how do you decide which one to pick? Are you using the right hashtag strategy for picking hashtags for your business or niche?

Here are some hashtag strategies you can follow:

Branded hashtag strategy

A branded hashtag is one that is exclusive to your businessYour business name, tagline, or the name of one of your products or promotions can all be used.

You should use a branded hashtag strategy for a variety of purposes:

  • User-generated content: Ask your customers to share photos with a particular hashtag, and then select the ones to repost.
  • Events: Use a hashtag to generate buzz about an event you’re hosting, as well as to give attendees a simple way to communicate with one another.
  • Brand Collection: Mark all of your company posts with a particular branded tag if you share both personal and business-related photos.

Local hashtag strategy

Local hashtags are valuable because they will attract people who are either from your city and traveling in the local area. Also, if you are a small business trying to boost walk-in traffic, including your location makes it easier for your customers to know where you’re located.

Audience’s search strategy

This isn’t the same as the local hashtags. This is when you need to become a detective to try to figure out where your customers are searching on Instagram and what they’re looking for.

Tips for figuring out what the audience is looking for:

  • Make a list of your client’s interests.
  • What needs should the company meet?
  • Items that are complementary to yours
  • Look up the hashtags used by your competitors.
  • Look at what your followers want and what they like.
  • Use Local Hashtag strategy.

Importance of Hashtag Research

Using hashtags on social media to promote your company will reach a large audience with little effort. Every day, millions of consumers around the world searching for unique hashtags. Hashtags are specially written phrases that reflect topics of interest to people.

Companies who use social media to improve brand awareness will take advantage of specifically targeted audiences by using acceptable hashtags, which goes without saying.

This, however, is not always the case. The same generic, obvious hashtags used on a regular basis don’t perform nearly as well as a well-researched bundle of rotated tags.

How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

How your ideal clients would find your business and your products/services on Instagram

Assume you are potential customer searching for digital marketing agency to grow business. You use the hashtag #growyourbusiness or #digitalmarketingagency because it apperas promising concept. It’s also one of the most widely used. To date, this Instagram search has turned up nearly more than 20K entries. That’s 20K people discussing the topic in a short period of time.

If you happen to digital marketing agency, you can hope to gain a lot of followers if you use hashtags. And more importantly, your fans are people who are waiting for exactly what you have to say. You improve the chances of making new clients by promoting your service/business on social media. At the very least, your name would be more well-known. Hashtag analysis should be a part of your or your marketing agency’s promotional budget. Although the hashtag budget is small, the benefits of paying attention to the needs of rapidly evolving social media users are much greater than the cost.

Ultimate Guide to do Great Instagram Hashtag Research

You’re ready to do your Instagram hashtag research now that you know the best part of what you are looking for in hashtags. People can use hashtag research apps to look for trending and popular hashtags on Instagram in a variety of ways. While you also need to make your own brand strategy so that you can target more audience compared to your competitors.

Here are some guidelines to assist you in your search for the best hashtags for Instagram marketing:

Offhand Research For Hashtags

Every action becomes reactive as a result of the offhand research strategy. When you make an Instagram post, you are still thinking about hashtags to use right before you hit the sharing button. When you use a hashtag while, you are attempting to attract attention without first investigating the most powerful hashtags.

Using offhand hashtag analysis, you share a few hashtags without having a complete understanding of their effect. Once you have After you’ve posted the message, it will only hit a few people.

The only advantage of this offhand hashtag technique is that it is very fast and will fit into your workflow without requiring you to take a break from writing. We all know, however, that in real life, speed will always get you where you want to go on time, but it will also put you in danger.

Another thing to remember from this technique is that before posting on Instagram, look at the post first and then look for various hashtags that could fit with the post you are making. According to research, you can brainstorm hashtags in various communities or categories, ranging from general to targeted audience.

Build a Portfolio of Hashtags:

Great hashtag research is more strategic than you would think; in most situations, it entails finding the right hashtag to use. Consider the various hashtags you can use in your posts as a portfolio in which you can store your hashtags.

The hashtags portfolio, like the portfolio of everything you choose to invest in, has a varying degree of risk. In these situations, you might not receive the expected post engagement from hashtags because they are very trending and common, which means your post will be excluded from the “top post.” Potential payoff, on the other hand, indicates that you have a “top post” with a common hashtag, meaning that you will not only gain new followers but also receive adequate interaction.

The most perfect way to measure the risk of using such hashtags without the Hashtag Finder function is to look at the number of posts people have made across the feeds. It is dangerous when a hashtag has over ten million posts. It is not important to have a long list of hashtags in your hashtag portfolio.

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The best way to build the portfolio of hashtags is create the content pillars i.e., which hashtag will be good for your business, then divide the hashtags depending on niche, competition, and some trending best hashtags. After this, you can divide the hashtags in to 3 categories:

  1. Small Group (0-50K) i.e., hashtags used between 0-50K
  2. Medium Group(50K-500K) i.e., hashtags used between 50K-500k
  3. Large Group (500K-1M) i.e., hashtags used between 500K-1M

Once done with dividing hashtags in groups, create 4 -5 sets of hashtags including some hashtags from small, medium, and large groups and also choose from niche, competitive and trending hashtags.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to conducting quick hashtags research, there are many options available to do that. It does not matter if you’re new to the game or have been playing for a long time. The tactics outlined above would be extremely beneficial to you.

All you have to do is figure out how many hashtags you will need for your article, find influential accounts in your niche, do some hashtag research, and employ a variety of resources. This is a great strategy to use to find fast and perfect hashtags for your post, even if you will not get nearly as much engagement as you would like.

Use the Instagram auto-suggest feature and use the hashtag suggestion based on the hashtag’s popularity.

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How can you implement a successful hashtag strategy for your business?


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