About us

When you think about a digital marketing agency, you may think of someone managing your digital platforms to create content based on previous experiences and assumptions.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many.

And especially now that almost everyone is moving online, this approach doesn’t deliver good results anymore.

Every business is unique, and so is their target audience.

We know there is a much better way to drive real results, supported by data and evidence.

We are committed to helping businesses of any nature and size and marketers achieve higher results online.

Make It Happen is our motto – Serendipity!

Your business growth doesn’t happen by accident.

It happens with Serendipity

Our Management Team

Maria Lafuente Soria
Co-Founder & CEO
CMO (Marketing Officer)

Stefano Fracchiolla
Co-Founder & CEO
CPO (Psychology Officer)

“Our goal is to give small and medium businesses and marketers access to the psychological knowledge behind marketing and communication that makes big companies so successful. Our mission is to make their digital marketing more empathetic and engaging with the benefit of delivering real results – in terms of visibility, conversion rate, and loyalty – despite the high competition.”

How it started

Maria and Stefano launched Serendipity Marketing in 2019, as a new generation digital marketing agency able to deliver high results through digital marketing experiences supported by evidence and data.

In such an overcrowded digital world, traditional marketing and communication often don’t deliver the results businesses and marketers expect from their investments.

This is what moved Maria and Stefano to merge their knowledge and create a new methodology – the Ultimate Triumph System (UTS) © – able to go beyond the standard and connect deeper – at an emotional and intimate level – with the target audience.

Marketing and sales have always gone together with psychology. Empathy is the key!

This unique approach, supported by psychology science, caught almost immediately the attention of businesses and marketers all over the world.

How it is going

What started as a young agency rapidly grew and in 2020 Serendipity Marketing opened to other two business sides, alongside the Agency – Consulting and UT Academy.

This business setup has helped us keep growing despite the pandemic, and keep helping businesses and marketers through additional solutions.

At present in 2022, we offer digital marketing solutions is in 3 different languages – English, Spanish, and Italian.

Our Team is growing and based remotely in different locations – United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

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