Company Overview

The case study is about a well-known and renowned Tapas restaurant in Zaragoza, Spain. Their name is El Truco (The Trick), inspired by the fact that all their food is gluten-free but doesn't taste like it.

Spain is famous for tapas – those small portions of food you can taste everywhere in the Country. It’s a cultural thing. In fact, only in Spain, restaurants and bars can get the equivalent of the Micheline Star for tapas specialised places – the so-called Solete Repsol (Repsol Sun). And El Truco is included in the Repsol list with one Sun.


Description of the project

When they approached SM Agency they wanted to get a more professional brand presence on social media. Their goal was to share more appealing content able to attract new followers and convert them into clients in love with their brand.

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  • Increase Outreach
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase social presence
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase number of clients


We have been managing their social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram), sharing engaging content with the focus to attract more followers while raising the image of the brand.

Since we started, their social media accounts have been growing constantly, increasing views, followers, and interactions.

A constant growth which is lately culminated in getting +1 Million views with just one single video.

Organic Outreach Before

SM Case Study 2

Organic Outreach After

SM Case Study


The video was about promoting a new tapa plate that they were launching on the occasion of the city tapas contest that happened last November.

The plate presented was a special croqueta (crocket) – something else part of the Spanish culture.

Organic Outreach Before

IMG 0048

Organic Outreach After

IMG 0047

Since the launch of the new plate, this is what happened in just the 10 days the contest lasted:

  • They were the restaurant with the majority of people trying the plate presented to the contest
  • People from all over Spain went to Zaragoza to try the plate
  • +2,500 followers on Instagram through the video (without ads)
  • +15,000 crockets sold

And the traction keeps going.

In December and the first week of January, El Truco sold +120,000 crockets, resulting in over £150,000 in sales only for that plate.

Video Views

+1 Million

with just 1 video

Plates Sold


Through 1 video with no ads

Sales Generated


Through 1 video with no ads

And more to come!

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