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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

The most profitable strategies used by the best social marketing companies in London


If the best social marketing companies have such a high reputation, it is for a reason. And this reason is simply the fact that they are able to generate higher results than their competitors for any type of business. They master specific strategies that allow them to achieve visibility and income growth for businesses of any size.

With all the data that they can extract from your social media accounts, they can develop highly targeted social media marketing campaigns that convert. Across over a decade of practiced agency services helping their clients with high-performing social media marketing, they’ve honed our craft to inform your success with actionable insights. These insights enable your social marketing to target just the right people, on only the right platforms, for success.

Serendipity Marketing is considered one of the best social marketing agencies in London. This agency can create a targeting strategy, advertising campaign, and monitor and report results. In today’s market, brands that don’t advertise on social media risk falling behind, which is why the market is growing year on year. We also offer ongoing marketing optimisation services which increase brand awareness, sales, and revenue providing your business with ongoing digital marketing and ensuring lifetime value. With such high levels of users on the platform, it’s crucial we do everything we can to find the users most likely to engage with your brand. The Facebook Ads Platform leverages a highly effective targeting system that can identify your ideal customer, from demographics to consumer behaviour. Equipped with this, we can construct a cost-effective ad strategy that reaches the right users, increasing traffic, generating leads, and securing sales.

At least, you can when you have a strong social media marketing strategy. Our experts are trained in delivering campaigns that result in a very real ROI. That knowledge is all packed away in our free ultimate guide giving you the answers to social media success. Social media has become one of the most lucrative sales platforms in existence. It puts you in front of the people who matter most – prospective buyers!

We are known for our disruptive social media marketing strategies and modern cross-channel advertising campaigns. Our consistent ‘above and beyond’ attitude to service across the marketing sphere (for example, through SEO, PPC, and content marketing has helped us become renowned for our marketing prowess. We will design and implement a tailored social media strategy for your business, projecting your services, offerings, ideals, and personality through online content. If you do not have the time or expertise to keep on top of your social platforms, our social media management solution could be very useful to you in spreading the word about your brand to targeted audiences. GLO’s paid social media advertising services are designed to manage cost in a manner most effective to your goals.

With a mix of digital advertising techniques, social media management, SEO, direct email marketing, content writing, web design, networking, photography, and video content. As well as a social media audit, we offer a specific strategy to help you continually grow your social media engagement and in turn, increase website traffic, enquiries and return on investment. Social media marketing consists of two separate but equally important branches - organic social media and paid social media.


How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

Our team of Social Media Advertising experts develops creative and effective campaigns across a range of social media platforms. We carefully consider your desired outcomes and implement strategies to achieve those goals. We take a data-led approach and make constant optimisations to maximise your budget and drive leads and sales.

We will over-deliver against your expectations and get the best out of your budget every time. As one of the best social marketing companies, we will analyse your business’s social media presence and identify the areas that need to be worked on. We will suggest ways to fix issues or develop a distinctive social media marketing strategy for business.

We work with our clients to determine the best strategies for their brands, and tailor custom packages to deliver the most effective social media services. Taking a holistic approach to marketing allows each channel to work together to drive website traffic, increase conversions and enhance brand awareness. How should a business choose which social media channels to focus on? Each social media channel can help your business achieve very different goals, however, this is entirely dependent on your business goals...If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, Instagram is a great tool, but that wouldn’t work for you if you sell cardboard boxes, as it is a very visual platform. To work out the route for you, it’s best to think about your business goals – what do you actually want to achieve from using social media?

If your target audience is in the age range of 60 and up, a social platform like TikTok probably isn’t your best option, but perhaps Facebook is. Make sure you consider this when choosing your social media marketing agency. Bespoke packages are more flexible and often better value as a result. Do you think your competitors don’t care about social media presence? There are high chances that they are investing their time and money into building a positive online social presence to gain business, trust, and awareness. We design your social media posts to create brand awareness and attraction.

Talk to us about your brand and your goals, and we’ll help you reach your target audience on their favourite platforms. Our agency’s top concern in working with any client is to ensure that their social media is on-brand. We will make sure you’re sharing good quality content on the right channels at the best time to see more results. In the next step, we will create amazing advertisements that people want to click on and engage with.

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