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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

When you think about Apple, what comes to your mind? New generation smartphones and computers, right? Or when you think of Nike or Adidas? Probably, sports shoes and clothes, isn’t it? That's branding.

Branding is very important. Branding is crucial to any business success.

Every company dream to have brand recognition like Apple, Nike, or Adidas.

If you can have one of those brands, you've created a multibillion-dollar company.

So, in this article, we are going to break down for you how to build a brand that gets high awareness and recognition.


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When you want to get a credit card, you don't Google, "What kind of credit card should I get?” or, “who should I get a credit card from?"

You already know you can call up Visa, you can go to your bank and get a Visa card, or you can ask someone for a Barclays credit card, whether you go to Barclays.com or you hit up your local bank.

Once again, that's branding.


Anchor yourself into a specific term


You see, the power of branding is all about anchoring yourself into a specific term.

For example, Barclays and Visa have anchored themselves in the credit card market.

Or, if you look at Kleenex tissues when people are talking about issues, a lot of times they're thinking about Kleenex.

It's so effective, their brand is so powerful that most people don't even say, "I need a tissue," they're like, "Can I have a Kleenex?"

It's how you've anchored yourself into a specific term or feeling or emotion, and that's what you want to convey with your business.

It isn’t just about getting traffic from Google or social media, it's all about connecting your name or your company name with a specific service.

If you want to do communications within your corporation, you're going to use Slack or Skype.

They brand themselves as being amazing products for those kinds of problems.

So, think about what kind of industry you're in, and figure out what kind of problem you can solve for people.
Once you've figured out your problem, use your branding and hammer down your solution.

The moment you can keep feeding your solution down everyone's mouth, eventually, they'll know that your company does this one specific thing.

What if you want to buy anything that's really affordable and that gets delivered to you fast? You probably go to Amazon.

It's that simple.

Why? Because they push that messaging down everywhere, and that's how you build a big company.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV commercials, they're not going to be the main source of your revenue.
Your brand is.

And that's what lasts in the long run.


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Once, we were analysing with our team the fact that Warren Buffett sends a yearly letter to all of his companies.

And we all know that he has invested in a ton of companies. So, he writes a simple one-page letter. Why? Because he knows that if he writes five or six pages, these CEOs are too busy to read them.

He always mentions to these companies that when you're in a tough position and you have to either make a choice of more money or protect your brand, go with protecting your brand, because, in the long run, that's what will create a bigger company.

If Warren Buffett tells you that branding is really important and you should focus on that more than the dollars that you could make in the short run then that should be enough for you to go out there and try to build an amazing and a big brand.


How to measure your brand size


Now, if you want to measure how big your brand is, go to Google.com/trends and type in your company name.

If Google doesn't show any results, that means your brand's really small. If they're starting to show some results, it'll be in a graph format.

You can see if it's flat if it's climbing or declining. That'll tell you how good you're doing from a brand perspective.

Your goal should be to get that graph to continually climb up and to the right.

That means that your brand is continually rising. Just look at Apple. If you type in Apple into Google Trends, you'll see my graph overall is climbing up and to the right.

Sure, there are some huge spikes here and there, and that's what happens when you get press or some mentions, or interviews, or magazines and stuff, or even TV stuff.




Building a brand is the most powerful marketing strategy for business success in the long run.

It is all about anchoring your brand to a solution that you provide, or a feeling, or an emotion.

This way, it will be much easier for people to keep you in mind and when they need that solution, they will come to you and not to your competitors.

That’s the power of branding.

It’s all about raising your authority in your field and leveraging a great relationship user-brand based on trust and value.


If you need help to build a brand for long-lasting business success and grow your business in terms of visibility, engagement, and profit, contact us today and speak with one of our digital marketing experts to see how we can build the bridge between the point you’re standing at right now and your goals.

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