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Digital Marketing is what we breathe at Serendipity Marketing. A huge world made of different areas, which, if implemented correctly, has the power of taking home incredible results.

However, getting the most out of your Marketing is not easy. It requires hard work and dedication, alongside a deep audience knowledge and proper business organization.

If you want to stand out from your competition and maximise your return on investment, you must follow an effective Strategic Plan which will drive your business to hit their goals.

This is where most of businesses, included your competitors, make mistakes. They don’t have a detailed and effective Action Plan at the base of their Marketing Strategies. And as a consequence, they keep struggling to get the results they have been working so hard for.

This is why you have to follow a truly effective Strategic Plan. You will guarantee your business to leave the competition miles behind and set itself as the main authority in the field dominating the market.

If you want to…

Drive more traffic
Increase quality leads
Set your business as the Go-To authority
Increase your sales exponentially
Long-lasting and stable success

Then you must have a Strategic Plan…

We feel confident in making these claims as we have been designing bespoke Strategic Plans for our clients, businesses like yours, generating hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of revenue every month.

We have invested, through the years, money and time in marketing researches and tests finding the best Strategies working in every industry, developing our Ultimate Triumph System.

The UTS includes truly effective Marketing Strategies applicable to any nature of business and Human Psychology principles to take your ideal customer to make purchases from you.

It doesn’t matter the industry you cover; this System can easily increase exponentially your revenues and take your business to higher levels.

We design Strategic Plans specifically tailored to our clients` business, using the Ultimate Triumph System.  That’s because we don’t like wasting time offering techniques of questionable efficiency that do not actually help your business to sell more. The Strategies we include are studied, measured and proven to get your prospects to take out their wallet and buy from you!


Lily Norton

I have always wanted to leave my 9 to 5 job and start my own business. However being alone I was feeling stuck and somehow lost. Serendipity Marketing founders and their team have helped me massively reorganising all my work and they took my hand driving me through all the process. I now have my business up and running and I am finally doing what makes me happy! Highly recommended!


Ian James

For years I was struggling in growing my business to be more than a simple local shop. I have tried everything with unfortunately not the result I was hoping for. This until I met Serendipity Marketing. They have introduced me to a new system and thanks to their collaborative team I am finally hitting the goals I had in my mind for years. I have opened a few new brunches and amplified my team. We are now planning together to approach the market outside my city and open other branches. All I have always worked hard for is finally happening thanks to these guys. Absolutely worth the investment!


Felicia Anderson

These guys have helped me massively. I’ve started a new business venture on my own, which can be daunting by itself. But the team at Serendipity has not only helped me grow all my social media outlets but also helped curate content, and finesse social media strategies. I think it’s important to have a positive team help grow your business and this company is it ! You won’t regret it !

What’s included in the Strategic Plan?

If you want to stand out from your competition setting yourself as a go-to authority in your field, nothing can be left on the table. Everything must be studied and specifically designed around your business’ and customers’ needs.

Nothing happens by coincidence, everything that happens is because of the work you do. Everything that you do prepares you to get something else as a consequence. If you want to exponentially increase your sales and take your business to the next level, a detailed step by step Strategic Plan is what you need.


  1. Audience Analysis
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Website Analysis
  4. Social Media Analysis
  5. Public Relations Analysis
  6. Email Marketing Analysis
  7. Business and Sales Analysis

Goals Setting

  1. Short Term
  2. Long Term

Action Plan

  1. Strategies
  2. How to implement them


  1. Timescale
  2. Calendar


  1. Expenditure for every action

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, we are currently running the offer of a 30-minute free phone consultation, with the goal to understand your business needs and design the perfect action plan for your business to dominate this year and exponentially increase your revenues.

We do this because we want to understand if we are the perfect fit for each other, as well as many people who go through this process are so impressed and happy that they want to become clients.

Please note this is a no-obligation call, we will not bombard you with selling calls afterwards. We’ll review together your business, analyse your competitors, your target market, your sales processes and your goals. Afterwards, based on what you tell us, we will develop a bespoke digital marketing plan specifically for your business. All for free. And if at the end of the call you’ll decide not to use our services, no hard feelings, the worst outcome for you is remaining with a marketing plan specifically designed for your business.

We usually charge £500 for this kind of comprehensive business analysis and strategic plan. You will be speaking with one of our CEOs who will come up with a plan tailored to your business to maximise your leads and sales. There’s no obligation for you to take up any of our services.

warning-serendipity-marketingWARNING: Before you claim your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session, you must understand that this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success. Getting the most out of the Ultimate Triumph System requires hard work, commitment, and dedication. If you’re not ready, please don’t waste our time. But if you are ready to make your business take off for long term and growing success, contact us and book your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session now.