Description of the project

We worked with this England-based fashion retail business to help them market a few products in the US market. They came to Serendipity Marketing as they wanted to run a pilot campaign to see how well they could perform in the US market which is their target in the near future for their brand and stores expansion.

We then planned together a 1-month campaign on social media to drive qualified traffic and sales to their eCommerce for their star products.

Improve leads caption and conversion rate through Social Media Ads Campaigns. Develop, implement, and automatise a digital marketing system to drive qualified traffic at a lower cost and increase the number of sales coming from the USA for their star products.

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  • Increase Outreach
  • Drive qualified traffic to eCommerce
  • Drive sales from the USA
  • Raise local brand awareness for future brand expansion
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Lower cost per acquisition


We created highly persuasive Facebook Ads campaigns for qualified traffic and implemented a digital process for a higher conversion rate of traffic into customers.

Step 1

Brand, Market & Audience Analysis

The first step includes a detailed competition analysis to identify differential strength points and understand how to best enter the new market and stand out from them.

We always study the brand – values, tone of voice, differential points, as this allows us to create a message aligned with what the business wants to transmit.

Following this, we identified the best audience to target for higher results. And we used our unique customer-centred approach to uncover their ideal clients’ internal engagement and purchase motivations, alongside their interests and online behaviour.

The second step is all about using the whole data collected in the previous step to design customised ad campaigns to generate a strong positive impact on qualified users for high retention and conversion rates.

Step 2

Strategy & Campaigns Creation

Step 3

Ads Campaigns Creation and Optimisation

We have been working with segmented niches among the audience we wanted to target, impacting them with specific Ads Campaigns for each one of them. We used dynamic ads with different copywriting options and a mix of graphics and videos. We worked with a first outreach phase, followed by a retargeting one. Depending on the offer, we also work with a lookalike campaign which allows us to target people who have the same interests and behaviour as those who have become clients.

We helped create an automatic process able to convert a high percentage of the qualified traffic generated into customers.

Step 4

Process for Higher Conversion Rate Creation & Automation


Conversion Rate


Income Generated


1 month social media ads campaign



Return on Marketing Investment


They came to us to advertise their services in a new market, and with our help, they were able to see great results. They reached a +$45,000 income from the ad campaign we run for them in the USA which lasted roughly 1 month – ads budget $70-100 daily – resulting in a + 10% ROAS. All through effective targeting and ad creation.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. This case study is one great example of how we are able to help businesses with social media ads.

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