Company Overview

Started as a family business, Condor Dent clinic has grown to be a leading dental clinic with multiple centres in London and Madrid. Their vision is to offer a complete service for their patients by providing various treatments – from implants to orthodontics, whitening, smile design, etc. – and working with a highly specialised team. An additional value they provide is the 24/7 Emergency Service.


Description of the project

Improve leads caption and conversion rate through Social Media Management and Ads Campaigns. Develop, implement, and automatise a digital marketing system to capture qualitative leads at a lower cost and increase number of weekly appointments across the centres.



  • Increase Outreach
  • Generate interest in the services provided on social media
  • Increase the number of weekly appointments
  • Raise local brand awareness
  • Set brand as trustworthy authority to rely on
  • Lower cost per acquisition


We created and implemented a bespoke digital sales funnel including Social Media Marketing and Facebook Ads campaigns working synergically as a united identity. We also identified a specific niche to target to drive higher results for the business.

Step 1

Brand & Audience Analysis

This step includes detailed competitors’ analysis to identify differential strength points and understand how to best stand out from them.

We always take the time to study the brand – values, tone of voice, differential points. This step allows us to generate a message in line with what the business wants to transmit.

Following this, we analysed their audience, identifying a specific niche best to target for higher results. We also used our customer-centric methodology to uncover their audience internal engagement and purchase motivations, alongside their interests and online behaviour.

The following step was to use the whole data collected in the previous one to design a bespoke digital funnel across social media and ads, where each post and ad has a specific goal along the customer journey.

Step 2

Strategy & Funnel Creation

Step 3

Social Media Management for Organic Leads and Conversions

Social Media Management goes beyond creating posts and scheduling them. We run organic management strategies, including hashtags research and optimisation, interaction with other accounts and groups, and others. Like this, we get to develop and optimise a bespoke process for growing organic leads caption and conversions.

We have been working with segmented audiences, targeting them with specific Ads Campaigns for each one of them. We work with a first outreach phase, followed by a retargeting one. Depending on the offer, we also work with a lookalike campaign which allows us to target people who have the same interests and behaviour as those who have become clients.

Step 4

Ads Campaigns Creation and Optimisation

Step 5


While we optimise the process, we get to automatise part of it to increase productivity and focus on the parts that need the most attention.


New Monthly Appointments


Organic and paid social media marketing

Conversion Rate


+15% vs 4% resulting in New Staff Members Hired to Handle New Appointments Generated

Monthly Income Generated


Through digital marketing



Return on Marketing Investment


Condor Dent came to us to improve their social media advertising, and with our help, they were able to see great results. They yielded 180 new month appointments and reduced their marketing costs to just £3.09 per lead. They increased their conversion rate by 375%, passing from 4% of the leads generated to +15%. All through effective targeting and ad creation.

Social media management is a long-term business decision (6-12 months). The core benefit of social media management is building up awareness and engagement. Which ultimately builds strong relationships with fans which influence their buying decisions.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. This dental company is one great example of how we are able to help businesses in social media management. With our SMM services, this dental clinic company was able to boost their social media followers and generate more than £300,000 monthly income through social media marketing!

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