Manyela Calderon

Manyela Calderon

Hello! I’m Manyela from Serendipity Marketing, your social media marketing agency in London. In this digital age, social media is an essential tool for businesses, and I’m here to help you increase your online presence and effectively connect with your potential customers, through our services and the articles on our Blog.


Build Your Brand with Serendipity Marketing


Building your brand with us is a unique experience. We not only help you grow on your social media, but we also help you build your brand authority. Which is a very important step.


With unique and top-quality content, you can stand out and generate a positive impact that increases your customers’ trust and reliability. And with a greater presence on social media, your ideal customers will surely notice you and connect with you. Thus creating a formula of new customers, equals higher income, which will translate into the growth of a successful company.


Social Media Marketing Agency in London

Proven Methodology


At Serendipity Marketing, we use strategies that have proven to be effective, so we can adapt them to any industry and they will generate benefits. By building a solid bridge between you and your customers, we generate a return on investment. It’s a win-win situation! Do you like how it sounds? Well, we will tell you about our process when hired.


Our Proven Process that Makes Us the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in London


Step 1: Assignment of a Dedicated Social Media Account Manager

At Serendipity Marketing, we will assign you a dedicated social media account manager to develop and execute your strategy on these platforms. This person will familiarise themselves with your business and will be your main point of contact. You will be able to communicate with your social media manager whenever you need by email or schedule a call at a time that is most convenient for both.


Step 2: Development of a Customised Social Media Strategy

The first step we will take with your social media campaign will be to conduct research and analysis to develop your strategy. We will analyse your ideal customers, discovering their behaviour and purchase motivations using our proven methodology, we will analyse your competition and create a highly attractive and effective conversion social media marketing strategy.


Step 3: Creation of Content Calendars and Attractive Posts

Once you agree with the social media strategy, we will begin its execution. We will create social media posts that are unique to your brand and attractive to your specific audience. To ensure quality, this content can be prepared in a monthly content calendar. This way you will have the opportunity to review and approve it before it is published on your social media profile.


Step 4: Growth Optimisation and Daily Maintenance

Our social media marketing services include daily management and growth optimisation. We will monitor all your social media activity (comments, messages, and reviews) and strive to respond within 24 business hours. In addition, we will use organic techniques (hashtags, following, contests, etc.) to grow all your social media in a sustainable way over time.


Step 5: Reports and Communication

We will prepare monthly reports for you to review. In terms of meetings, we can schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly meetings to discuss progress as needed. With Serendipity Marketing, you will always be aware of how your social media is developing and how they are contributing to achieving your business goals.


Social Media Marketing Agency in London

Why Choose Serendipity Marketing?

We offer a full service. Your digital marketing strategy should work synergistically across all your platforms, and it is often difficult to work with different agencies and get them to coordinate to generate qualitative work for your business. By working with a full-service agency like Serendipity Marketing, you will only have to trust a single representation with all the tools and experience that will handle everything your digital marketing strategy needs to generate higher conversions.


Other reasons to choose us


Increase Your Visibility and Profits


What’s the point of wanting tens of thousands of followers if they are not the right people interested in what you sell? At Serendipity Marketing, as one of the leading social media marketing agencies in London and Kent, we follow a customer-focused approach to get higher engagement and conversions.


This allows us to identify the motivators of your ideal customers and create high-quality content that reflects your brand identity while positively impacting them to get higher engagement and interaction.


Save Time and Money


By hiring a leading full-service marketing company like us, you will save time and money from the start. We have the tools and the ability to handle everything your business needs to get better results.


Marketing Strategy without Trial and Error


When you get the services of an experienced social media marketing company like ours, you will have a team of professionals who know what they are doing and how to do it in the most efficient way for your business.


Social Media Marketing Agency in London

Without a doubt, we are your best choice


If you are looking for a social media marketing agency in London that can help you grow online and effectively connect with your customers, Serendipity Marketing is the ideal choice for you. With its customer-focused approach and proven methodology, you can be sure that your social media presence is in good hands.


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