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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

When it comes to sales, it is not enough to be going to someone and telling them that your product or service is amazing to have a queue behind your door of people craving to buy from you. It goes beyond this. Whatever you are selling, there are sales techniques you have to follow to get to convince potential customers that your solution is what they need.

So, do you want to learn to sell anything out there? In this article, we are going to show how you can do just that.


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Now before we get started with the sales techniques that will allow you to sell anything, we have a question for you. How would you sell us this pen?

Leave a comment below with how you would sell it to us. Now, most of you are probably going to be like “This pen is an amazing price. It's affordable”. And you're probably going to go over all these kinds of things.

But that's not how you sell someone a pen.

There are exact steps on how you should sell a pen or anything out there.

And it’s now time to break it down for you. Are you ready? Because as soon as you implement these steps, you’ll see an incredible difference in users’ responses to your sales pitch.

So, read until the end to make sure you gather the whole information and correctly implement it into your sales techniques.

So, here we go.


1. Understand your customer


The first thing you need to do is understand your customer. You probably heard this before, and that’s because this is the main step for successful sales processes.

The more you get to know your customers, the easier is to emphasize with them and make them feel like, somehow, they can trust you. And this is the main key for sales.

Just bear this in mind; it’s very rarely about the price. It’s all about trust and the value users will get by following what you say and ultimately purchasing.

Still, it’s impossible to read people’s minds. But there are things that you can do to understand them better and deeper. Their needs, problems, desires, hopes, challenges, burning questions, and behaviour.

So, you can start asking some questions to your potential customers. Ask them questions like:


- Do you use pens?

- What do you use them for?

- Do you find any value in them?

- Do you prefer pens or pencils?

- How often do you use these pens?


By asking your potential customer these types of questions about the item you're selling, it'll help you understand their motive behind using it.

You know, you're not just selling a pen. You're selling the end solution. Even when you are selling software or anything out there.

For example, at our agency Serendipity Marketing, we sell digital marketing services, and we get companies more qualified traffic and create the perfect marketing experience for them to increase their conversion rate and sales.

So, we don't sell them in a way like “we are going to show you how to get ranked on Google”, or “we are going to get you at the top of Google”, or “we are going to get you lots of followers on social media”.

We sell traffic and sales and, more importantly, revenue and profit.

The same goes with the pen.

If you understand your customer, you will then know how to pitch them.


2. Get to know them even deeper – sales psychology


As mentioned above, you’ll want to understand their motivations behind using the item you sell.

Their motivations are what will move them to first listen to you and take action afterwards.

And remember, their motivations go beyond their problems and desires. And this is where you can really make the difference and get much better than any other competitors of yours.

It’s more about the reason why they have those desires and how they feel about their problems. Why do they behave the way they do?

Bear in mind; people's purchase decision-making process is mainly influenced by their emotions, by the way, they feel at that moment, and in relation to their problems and needs.

All of us make purchase decisions based on our emotions.

And that’s the most powerful of all the sales techniques anyone could ever tell you about – true empathy.

Empathy isn’t just about showing people that you understand their issues and challenges. That’s something, but still just a part.

True empathy is about sharing the same feelings, showing people that you understand them at an emotional level, and creating the perfect environment for them to lower their barriers and fully trust your words.


- Are they feeling worried about the problem they are facing?

- Are they feeling excited about the goal they have in mind?

- Are they feeling anxious about finding a solution?


You can respond to these questions by analysing their behaviour.

For example, if you see users checking different solutions in a small amount of time, spending a lot of time checking every feature of the item and review, it means that most likely they are worried to get an item that does not fix their problems and they need reassurance and to feel completely secure they are making the right choice.

So, calm and reassurance are what you’ll want to stimulate in your sales pitch, mentioning and overcoming any objection and insecurity they might have about the item.

If you need more help to understand your customers’ behaviour and psychology, you can click here to read our step-by-step full Audience Analysis Guide.


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3. Use logic and emotions in your selling


If we were selling you a pen and you only used it when you were signing contracts, we'd be like “Whoa, these contracts, they're changing your business. That's history in the making, right?”

And you'd be like “Yes, wouldn't you want to remember these moments by using a really amazing, you know, expensive pen?”

And they're like “That makes sense.”

On the flip side, you can also use logic.

“Hey, use all these pens when you're doing home loans or brokerages, your office needs them, you could be buying nice, fancy, expensive pens but we have these pens here that last twice as long and they're roughly the same price, they're only 10% more.”

People are like “10% more but they last a lot longer, I'm saving money!”

That's using logic.


4. Not everyone is your ideal customer


Lots of people think that just because their item could be used by many, everyone could be their customer.

But the fact is, who really needs your item? Who would benefit the most from it? Who is experiencing problems or challenges that your item would be the best solution for?

So, going back to the pen example, you don't want to sell people who have no need for a pen.

You want to focus on your ideal customers.

Being a salesperson or persuasive marketer, it's not about going after a hundred or a thousand leads.

It's about focusing your time and energy on all of the qualified ones and ignoring the rest.

That's how you'll make the most money.

Again, it's okay to not sell every single lead on the product or service you are selling.


5. Use pressure


It's okay to use pressure to close a deal faster. This works mainly with people who are impulsive and are looking to find a solution to their problems in the quickest time possible.

So, if we think about the previous example of someone that needs reassurance and calm, pressure is probably not going to work well.

But if your case is with someone that doesn’t look for all the details of the item and is just focused on their problem or desire and cut short with research and speech, that’s a case where pressure will work well.

For example, if you're really limited in how many people you can fulfill that month, you can let them know that you can only fulfill two more contracts.

You can say something like “We can only take on two more deals or one more deal if that's not for you, no worries, let me know, maybe we can start the next month after but I would just appreciate the open communication.”

Putting pressure is a great way to get these kinds of people to start moving. And when you're putting pressure, do not offer discounts as pressure is already a strong driving force that leverages their impulsivity. And that’s enough to induce them to take action.

If you offer a discount, it’s like compromising with them – you put pressure, but they get a better deal. And this will make them feel like there is an escape way which lowers their level of impulsivity and pulls them away.




When it comes to getting good at sales, these are the sales techniques that will make you sell anything.
Remember, it’s not about how good the item is, but it’s all about your potential customers.

Find the right people to target. Not everyone is a good potential customer.

Place them in the centre of your sales pitch and process, speaking more in terms of the value and benefits that they will get by purchasing your item.

Make them feel comfortable and leverage trust. This way, whatever you’ll find yourself selling will be easy to be sold.


If you need help with optimizing your sales funnel and process with profitable sales techniques to grow your business in terms of visibility, engagement, and profit, contact us today and speak with one of our digital marketing experts to see how we can build the bridge between the point you’re standing at right now and your goals.

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