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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

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If you want to effectively increase your sales and optimizing your website resources to the maximum, you must join the Sales Hacking strategy.

With this process, you will get higher leads and potential customers without the need to invest large sums of money.

Do you want to find out how? Just keep reading until the end as I am going to show you how you can do it.

What is Sales Hacking?

Sales Hacking is a strategy taken from growth hacking to direct sales, which consists of collecting leads and potential customers.

How do you get these leads? What do you need to undertake this strategy?

Capturing a lead or a customer is not an easy task, and it can become a laborious process. Sales Hacking, together with creativity, speed, and perseverance, aims to improve digital strategies and grow your company as a consequence.

To achieve this goal, Sales Hacking uses other strategies such as Inbound Marketing to achieve it.

How does Sales Hacking work?

Sales Hacking is a set of methods, techniques, and procedures that streamline sales productivity and efficiency in order to attract more leads.

All saving economic resources and time.

It all sounds great so far, doesn’t it? But, before applying this strategy we must know:

  • Where your potential customers are – clearly define our target.
  • Categorize and classify customers. Create a buyer persona of the users who will buy the product.
  • Organize the tools and personnel available to carry out the project.
  • When are you ready to put Sales Hacking into practice?

To know if a company is prepared to implement Sales Hacking in the purchase process and the capture of leads, you should reply to the following questions:

  • Do you know how to locate potential clients?
  • How do you qualify them within a market context?
  • Do you have qualified leads and any way to quantify them?

If these questions have not yet been answered, you will need to introspect and seek answers to the inside and outside your company.

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6 Steps to follow a Sales Hacking strategy:

➨ Segmentation: before launching this strategy, it is very important to analyze and focus on a certain group of people or clients to direct all the work to. In other words, determine who the potential customer is.

➨ Location: Where does the potential customer enter? What are the platforms where your leads are more receptive and interacting?

➨ Collection: Analyse user data.

➨ Contact: Use the most effective way for them: emails, telephone …

➨ Leads database: If customers are interested, they will be included in a company database.

➨ Sales: Leads go through the sales process in charge of making the purchase.

With Sales Hacking you will get keys to get more leads and their subsequent conversion by the sales department into customers:

  • High-value customer data collection.
  • Checking or checking the company’s contacts.
  • Effective segmentation of prospects and potential customers.

What information should we get with the leads?

With Sales Hacking, you want to collect customer data, and to properly fill in the database you need at least these three:

◆ Name and surname: personalization and correct treatment of the customer is very important to sell.

◆ Mobile phone number and email address. If possible, it is better to communicate with the client in both ways, by phone it is more personal and by mail you leave a written record of the communication and the data provided.

◆ Profile: studies, profession, and other information of interest.

How to organize the data collected with Sales Hacking?

With these data, it will be completed adequately tapping the database with the necessary information for your sales department. To carry it out, you can follow one of these three paths:

▻ The easiest but most expensive option is: hire an external company to be in charge of classifying the data on websites, directories, etc. But it is unfeasible for start-ups and small companies.

▻ You can also count Web Scraping, these programs extract information from the web through a domain or IP of the company / user.

▻ In a traditional way: collecting data step by step, through advertising campaigns, blog resources, Social Networks, UTMs, etc. Although it is an expensive and unfeasible option due to the time invested, sales do increase significantly.

How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

Tips for applying Sales Hacking:

✦ Search for content adapted to the user: use techniques such as content upselling in your strategy, ensuring that everything offered on the web is according to their interest.

✦ Integrate video: more and more platforms integrate the capacity of video playback and it is an opportunity to stand out and gain credibility and prestige among customers.

✦ Observe the movements of users and new trends: being faster than changes and understanding what the needs of consumers are is a must so as not to become totally obsolete in the face of the market.

✦ E-mailing campaigns: thanks to the segmentation and data collection work that has been carried out, the email marketing campaign can be personalized to the maximum by interacting with the user closely.

✦ Avoid Intrusive Advertising: Advertising can sometimes be annoying and this seriously impairs page retention and sales. For this reason, monitor the advertising content, if it is well adapted to the platform and if it adds value to what customers may want.

✦ Use of Storytelling: connecting with the customer is not easy, so sometimes creating a story that engages and shows the values or foundations of our entity will help us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and improve our brand equity.

✦ Unity is strength: manage to integrate the fundamental coordination between Sales and Marketing as a value of the company. To increase and get excellent feedback from the client.

Tools to implement your Sales Hacking strategy:

To put the Sales Hacking strategy into practice, it is possible to control and improve it using tools that help us measure, analyze, create, disseminate content, and valuable advertising to increase sales.

Tools that help measure to analyze the progression in Sales Hacking:

─ 6sense: with this tool, marketing, and sales teams can perform predictive analysis to obtain a global vision of their potential buyers and the customer’s profile (who they are, what needs they may have, and what opportunities users present).

Notice: using this application, companies can obtain data that contributes to decision-making and executing strategies based on data intelligence.

Tools that collaborate with communication between the company and consumers:

Chorus: this tool automatically records and transcribes sales conversations, for later analysis, to obtain new ideas, and to perfect communication strategies.

GoToMeeting: direct contact with the customer allows more connection and closes more sales. With this tool, you can have videoconferences with several clients at the same time in real-time from any location.

Skype: we cannot forget the service that Skype has been offering to facilitate video conferences since 2003. This platform allows, in addition to communicating by voice and video, to share documents such as contracts, brochures, etc.

Tools that manage and distribute content:

ClearSlide: offers a service that includes content management, content analysis, and feedback with the customer through messaging. ClearSlide tries to increase the quality of content through presentations that attractively offer the content.

Prezi: It is an online alternative that has made its way among the giants like PowerPoint and Keynote. In addition to facilitating the way to create dynamic and personalized presentations, it includes leaderboard analytics and the possibility of extracting consumer feedback.

Tools that help customer relationship management (CRM):

─ CRM database: this database manages and uses metrics to collect quantifiable information to integrate it into the sales and marketing strategy.

─ Infusionsoft: This sales and marketing platform allows you to classify leads and manage and track your central sales activities.

Tools that manage email:

GetResponse: through this tool, you can bring the product closer to the customer through better automation and email analysis to improve profitability.

SenderGen: thanks to the development of analytical techniques, this application allows you to adjust the needs of your email campaign. Among the advantages it offers, the hyper-personalization of the company’s message stands out.

Tools that optimize search engines:

KeywordTool: this free application allows you to identify and search for a target audience in search engines. Simple to use, it generates keyword suggestions that will improve your domain’s traffic and conversion rates.

Yoast: this tool that is integrated into the WordPress platform allows you to effectively measure the SEO performance of the web to optimize content.

How do I contact the leads obtained with the Sales Hacking strategy?

It is very important to have direct and close contact with the client, avoiding giving a commercial and overly advertising aspect. The first contact should be through a personalized emailing campaign for each client. It is advisable to avoid that the signature is corporate, better that it bears the name of an employee that the client sees that a person is addressing him.

An attempt should be made to adapt the message and the means of transmission to the language of the recipient.

The clearer and more personalized the messages are, the more receptive the client will be to continue with the process. On the other hand, a very commercial message will drive away sales by making the user feel like just another number. Nor should we underestimate the power of calls to action and direct customer contact.

Conclusions of the Sales Hacking strategy:

The Sales Hacking process is extensive and necessary to increase sales effectively. Here are the points that summarize what is needed:

Segmentation: Find out who the potential customer is for the product and focus the strategy on.

Location: once potential customers have been defined, detect where they are, where they follow, and buy the product. You cannot expect the customer to find the company, you have to go for it and get their attention.

Collection: obtaining customer data and orderly administration of the same.

 Lead database: if the customer wants more information, include their data in the lead database or, otherwise, discard it.

➣ Sales: pass the lead generation to the sales department.

Never forget that when this type of strategy is undertaken, coordination between the Marketing and Sales department is essential within the Sales Hacking strategy for professional success.

How can you implement a Sales Hacking strategy into your business?

Serendipity Marketing is a leading full-service digital marketing agency London helping businesses all over the world to increase their leads and sales through digital marketing in three languages: English, Italian, and Spanish.

Rely on an expert digital marketing agency London, such as Serendipity Marketing, to efficiently implement a sales hacking strategy into your business.

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