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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

As an entrepreneur, you have probably realised how hard it is to stand out and succeed on social media.

So, what should you do? It’s still good to leverage channels like social media with the support or not of paid ads.
Facebook ads and Google ads keep going up in costs, but social media marketing can still be free.

But there's so much noise and so many people out there, you're not going to stand out unless you follow these tips.

In this article, we are going to share with you how you can stand out on social media as an entrepreneur to scale your brand and get higher profits.


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So, let’s get straight to the point.


1. Create amazing content


The first thing you need to do is to create amazing content.

Some people will tell you to create video content, others will tell you podcasting is better and some will say, you know what, you need long-form content.

Well, here's the thing, if you look at Gary Vaynerchuk, he does a ton of videos. That's what he specializes in. He loves it.

But if you look at us, we create a lot of text-based content. Why? Because we enjoy doing it.

We are not here to tell you to do videos, podcasts, or text-based content, we are saying to pick the content type that you're the best at.

If you're the best at something you're more naturally likely to do better.

Even if it’s digital content, people can still feel your passion and vibes, and if you share content with them in a format that you enjoy, that will be more engaging.

The following step is to create content around the topics the users are researching the most about.

That will help your content to be easily found and the more people see it, the more the social media algorithm will make it viral.

You want people to click on your content and give them as much value as possible so that they can recognise you as a trustworthy authority they can rely on.

And this is ultimately what will create that strong relationship with brand users that will help you scale your business faster.


2. Use different content formats


The next thing you need to know to stand out and succeed on social media is to use different formats depending on your goals.

If you want to be popular and be stopped in the street as people recognise you, videos are going to help more than anything else.

If you want website traffic, we found that long-form content works better than anyone else.

And it's not just us, even people like Tim Ferriss from The 4Hour Workweek have found that long-form content produces more traffic than any other form of content.

And why is that? Because you're not just getting social media traffic. When you create long-form content you're also getting a ton of Google traffic.

You know, videos and podcast files don't rank well on Google and Google's one of the most popular websites in the world.

So, you should consider leveraging long-form text-based content.

If you are not good at writing this content, you can go to jobs.problogger.net and hire other writers to help write for you.

Because this content also does extremely well on social media.

And once you have this long-form content or the ability to write it, you want to go to BuzzSumo, type in keywords, and you'll see what's popular.

You then click on view shares, and you'll see every single person who shared that article as you want to then create a similar article that's better and more in-depth.

For example, if they talked about the 10 ways to do something, you want to discuss the 101 ways to do that something.

And when you break that down, no one's going to copy you. Why? Because it takes way too much work to write the 1001 ways to do something.

So, you go to view shares, you see all the people who share the 10 ways to do something, and you want to email them something like:

“Hey John, I noticed you are linking to XYZ site. I have a similar article that came out, but mine covers 1,2, and 3 that their article didn't. Feel free to check it out here and if you like it, link to it. Cheers”.

And if you continually do that, you can get thousands and thousands of social shares.

And we tend to go to Upwork.com and we find people to send out those emails on our behalf and this has helped our social traffic grow by an extra 17%.

It also helped us get more followers and more shares.

So, you want to make sure you do that.


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3. Participate consistently


The other thing you want to do if you want to stand out and succeed on social media and be popular is to participate consistently.

As an entrepreneur, if you're not there consistently, you're not going to do well.

And we are not talking about just posting content consistently, we are talking about posting comments consistently, joining groups consistently, and helping others consistently.

The helping part is the most important. It is not about you. Social is a community, it's about other people, you have to help them out.

As an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter if you know something really well, you studied Malcolm Gladwell, and you spent 10,000 hours on something, or whether you only spent 500 hours on something.

Either way, there are people that you can help out with.

So, make sure that you're out there on social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, participating in groups, your own channel, and leaving comments that are thorough, not a liner, we are talking about paragraphs that help people out.




If you follow these tips, you'll notice that your account will start climbing in popularity month over month, and you're going to be doing better.

Will you be famous? No, but over time you'll notice that you'll get more clout and after a few years, you're going to be walking down the street and someone's going to be like “Hey John, you're awesome! Thank you, I've been following you on Facebook and your tips changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. Can I take a picture with you?“

That'll start happening. But it takes years.

Gary Vaynerchuk has been doing what he's been doing for over 10 years. Tim Ferriss, yes everyone thinks he's an overnight success with 4Hour Workweek, but he put in so much time, effort, and years before he became famous.


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