Fears are what hold us back from making decisions. Fears are what hold us back from moving forward.

Fears often come from negative past experiences that we believe can happen again, or from not knowing the outcome that will come from making that decision.

Sometimes fears are so deep that we experience them strong enough for us to accept that situation. Sometimes we just decide to listen to them and kind of say: “That’s fine if I don’t do it, it would be a bad decision”. In this way we are just nurturing the fear, growing up the belief that we cannot change what keeps us inactive.

It’s by overcoming our fears that we will set ourselves free from all the barriers we have in our heard that limit our actions, preventing us to get what we desire the most.

Therefore, overcoming your fears has to necessarily begin from setting your mind on the belief that you can change what does not suit you. That you can change yourself improving your skill set getting able to handle harder situations.


  • – Before making a step forward that makes you feel insecure, make yourself ready. Read, learn, practice. Learning something new and improving your skill set will increase your confidence, getting you braver and willing to face even unknown situations.
  • – In case you find yourself stuck and inactive, try to see why you feel like this. Is there anything that you can learn, a notion, a new skill, for you to start taking action? There is always something that you can learn, find it and dedicate your time to it. If you feel stuck or inactive, it doesn’t mean that you have to feel the same forever. That’s just the way it is right now because of the way you are at this very moment, which is something that you can always decide to change and improve, in every moment.
  • – In case the fear comes from past experiences, analyse those experiences and see how you behaved and how that made you feel. Is there anything that you can change, anything that you can learn, in order to be able to handle similar situations?
  • – When you have like an inner voice telling you: “You cannot do it”, turn that negativity into something positive. The way you do it is by empowering your belief that you can change and get better, making you ready to handle whatever you want to focus on. So, when you have a similar inner voice, just tell yourself: “YET. I cannot do it, yet!”. This simple word is as simple as extremely powerful. Simply adding the word yet, you open to future possibilities of you being able to do it.


It’s by facing your fears that you overcome them. It’s by empowering your belief that you can make any step forward that you decide you want to, that you will find the way to improve your skill set, and get ready to face them.

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