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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Copywriting is an extremely valuable tool that you can use to increase the sales of your online store if you put your mind to it.

What’s more, you can easily double sales if you apply a series of Copywriting tricks that today I am going to share with you to make you able to sell online as a great brand would.

Many people still believe that copywriting and content creation are the same and that is why I consider it essential to clarify the difference between the two.



Copywriting Blog Writing Services vs Content Marketing


Basically, content creation is a way to attract a target audience, add value, and satisfy their information needs.

Copywriting is something else. It is persuasive, resourceful, and creative writing.

Each word is measured in detail in Copywriting.

This is so because the set of words will have a purpose that content creation does not have: to sell or to get the user to perform a specific action – for example, buy a product, hire a service, or get the user to subscribe to your newsletter.

This is the main difference.

This is the reason why any seasoned copywriter knows a lot about user psychology, knows what words to use to better capture his or her attention – they know how to get users to their ground.

Of course, one technique cannot live without the other and both are indisputably necessary for any online strategy to increase sales.



How to double your sales with blog content writing service


Get a good headline that sells on its own

The first thing any copywriter should think about when coming up with a message to sell a product is how to get the user’s attention to turn them into a customer.

This is achieved with a headline focused on the main strength of the product, which also differentiates it from other competitors.

In addition, encouraging the purchase on your website and motivating potential customers who come to it is essential to increase sales. You can achieve this through copywriting.

Many times, you can find advertisements or product pages that give you a detailed description of it but do not tell you what is important: what is the use of buying that product, what value is it going to bring you, how does it differ from the very similar product it sells the competition and what is the main benefit that I will obtain by making the purchase.

That is the main part of the message that you cannot miss if you want to do good Copywriting that will help you increase sales.

Of course, do not forget that the headline must be in line with the content of the inner text: do not promise something that the user will not find in the article because then it will be what I call a misleading title.

In short, the headline must be powerful to capture the attention of potential buyers and must comply with the now famous technique of the 4 U´s: urgent, unique, ultra-specific, and useful.

How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

More copywriting tricks:


  • Offer a gift, prize, or secret in your headline that will later be discovered inside your item or your product description. It can be a discount coupon, for example. “Discover how to use cream X to eliminate your wrinkles”.
  • Create a headline that stirs intrigue and mystery and makes you want to click.
  • The headline must give answers to the question that the potential client asks when reading it: What benefits does this product bring me? Therefore, the main strength of the product or the benefit of its use should be highlighted in the headline. “Eliminate wrinkles with cream X and these 5 tricks”.
  • It creates an urgent need in the reader of the type “do it now or you will lose the opportunity”, “only while stocks last”, “only until December 30”.
  • Including a testimonial in the headline increases the degree of confidence and curiosity of the reader. “Cream X worked for me to improve my tan,” said Cristiano Ronaldo “.


Use headline formats that sell. There are already headlines that have proven their effectiveness and that you can use to shape your own.

For example, those that start with numbers or keep statistics, those that promise x tricks in the content, those that tell a story, those who offer something for free, those who promise to reveal a secret, those in the form of a question, those who start with a “how …” or with a “why …”, and so on.

Human psychology does not change in this regard and all of us respond better to certain types of headlines. This is so and will continue to be.



When creating your headline, you should try to answer these three questions:

Who is my target audience?

What are the strengths of my product?

Why did the consumer want to buy my product?

With the answers to these 3 questions, you can make a perfect copywriting headline. Guaranteed.


  • The visual DOES matter

A high-quality image or visual element should be created in conjunction with a professional graphic designer and not just limited to being the best-designed image of the season. Don’t forget the important thing: you must sell.

If we extrapolate this idea to any successful marketing blog you will see that their images are not blurred, they are personalized and bespoke in any detail.

So, images and visuals do matter when it comes to selling. An amazing Copywriting will do you no good if the visuals are a disaster.

That’s how fussy buyers are, what can we do?


  •   Create content that sells

If the headline and the visual element attract new visits, you are already halfway done. Of course, it will be useless if you do not give them what they want.


How? Through your copywriting.

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