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How to Convert Facebook Ad Leads Into Customers. You have a ton of leads from your recent lead generation campaign. Congratulations!

But now, what do you do??

If you want to learn how to convert those leads into customers, keep reading this article about how to convert Facebook Ads Leads into Customers.


Hi there, and welcome back to Serendipity Marketing Blog. We're a digital marketing agency with the mission to help small businesses grow by applying psychology to their marketing strategies.

We've run a lot of lead generation campaigns and we've learned quite a bit from collecting and trying to convert those leads into customers.

We want to share our tips with you so that you can skip the line and start seeing better returns. More quickly and affordably.

Today we've got a bunch of tips for converting those leads into customers plus other things you can do with the leads you generate on Facebook. Like retargeting campaigns and group invite.

So let's get started.


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Let's look a little bit at lead generation campaigns on Facebook. The lead generation campaigns help to build interest in a product, service or experience that your company offers. It also collects contact information for interested parties that you can use to reach out to them later.


Lead generation campaigns cost a bit more than other objectives on Facebook. They're usually worth it because a lead is a more valuable interaction than a click or review.


Lead generation can be a successful part of your advertising strategy on Facebook.


Let's look at how to use those but first why should you run the ads on Facebook?


There are a few reasons:

  • Actually the first is that the completion rate is higher since users don't have to leave Facebook to fill out that form.
  • The second is that you can sync your CRM so that new lead information is automatically updated and gets to the teams who need it.
  • The third reason is they're easy to set up and customize. They show on Facebook and on Instagram which means you can reach billions of people.


Let's look at how to use the leads for conversions.


Let's go over some of the best strategies, ideas and examples for converting those leads to customers or clients.


Just like with anything related to digital marketing, these aren't guaranteed to work. You can optimize your ads all you want, if your lead nurturing and sales processes aren't good or your product or service isn't honed, the best ads in the world can't help you.


Make sure you have a good business idea, great execution and smooth processes. Then you can spend money on advertising.


How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

What do you do with those leads generated on Facebook Lead Ads?

The first idea is to engage leads with retargeting ads. If you have leads that haven't engaged with you, since they entered their information or who you haven't heard from in a while use retargeting to remind them about you and reengage them.

You can re-target lapsed leads with anything, but it should be interesting and relevant to them. Things that work really well are direct invitations to buy. You can speak directly to their pain points. Relatively easily, you could also offer them discount codes, special offers, exclusive access or content.


Make sure that you exclude anyone who has made a purchase. That way you don't bombard them and annoy them.


Let us tell you how to do that really quickly.

  1. 1. First you'll go to your Facebook ads manager and navigate to audiences.
    2. Click to create your audience,
    3. next select custom audiences
    4. now select website traffic as your source.
    5. You're going to choose people who visited specific pages and enter the URL that folks see after they complete a purchase. This usually includes a thank you portion of the slug. You'll skip any identification portions.
    6. Name this audience and save it.


Now you can add this to your exclude list so that your ads are only showing to people who haven't made a purchase yet.


Now, we’re going to talk about what to do with warm leads generated on Facebook Leads Ads.

When you have warm leads, you want to get a YES. You want to convert cold leads to warm leads, of course, and when you do have a warm lead, you want to nurture that lead so that, it doesn't go cold again.


A lot of businesses understand this, but we see them waiting way too long to put it into practice. You may be familiar with the old sales idea that getting people to agree to a small “yes”, like giving you their email address helps make it easier and more likely that they'll say yes to a bigger ask, like buying a product or becoming a client.

The problem is that leads get cold quickly so if you follow a lot of the advice online you won't reach back out to that contact to offer them something else for at least a couple of days and that may be too long.


Instead, we recommend you start asking for that next “yes” right away.


Here's what we mean, if they download a pdf, use the last page or spots throughout to upsell your course, package, service, product, etc. They're already reading and interested so why wait if they gave you their email address send them an email immediately. Introduce yourself, talk about what they gave you their email for and then upsell or direct them to another product or service that would be useful to them.


You could also add leads to a retargeting audience and show them ads aimed at converting them to buyers. These can be dynamic ads featuring your product, catalogue or ads that you create for a specific goal or purpose.


If they've joined a free webinar, use that time to mention other items that they may find beneficial and don't forget to use thank you pages on your website to direct customers to more great products or resources on your page.


The ideas are really endless so you could keep going with this.


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Now the next thing you can do is invite leads to your Facebook group while they're interested and ready to click.


Get them over to your Facebook group. Your group should be built out and active with a wealth of information. You've probably experienced being really excited about a topic, a page or a person that you've come across only to feel deflated when there wasn't more than a couple of pages worth of deeper digging.


If you're just starting a group or you don't have one yet you don't need to wait until you have a ton of content to run ads and you shouldn't rush to put out a bunch of mediocre content. Focus on publishing quality content regularly and focus on helping your audience.


You should absolutely be utilizing video when you're reaching out to your audiences. The internet is moving to video from 15. seconds to hours long pre-recorded and live, so users have very little patience.


For nonvideo content engage your lead with a video that can give them more information and invite them to purchase, attend, sign up or whatever your next call to action is.


If you need help with your digital marketing to grow your business in terms of visibility, engagement, and profit, contact us today and speak with one of our digital marketing experts to see how we can build the bridge between the point you’re standing at right now and your goals.

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