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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Are you one of those struggling to get results on their businesses and you want to stop the DRAMA?


In today’s world, it is clearly evident that digital marketing has taken over how businesses are run and it has totally disrupted the traditional marketing industry.

Most people struggle to get positive results on their businesses due to some digital marketing mistakes they make. It is thus relevant for businesses to learn from their past digital marketing mistakes.

Some of these mistakes include:

Reason 1 of business owners struggling to get results on their businesses: Not setting goals

This is a direct ticket to failure in one’s digital marketing campaigns. One should always be aware of his/her objectives accompanied by a set of attainable goals that back-up each objective.

It is impossible to measure your success without setting goals. Goals are also important in identifying areas in the campaign which require additional support or a change in strategy.  

Justifying future digital marketing investment is difficult if there is no set of goals to demonstrate progress against.

Reason 2 of business owners struggling to get results on their businesses: Ignoring your analytics

In the digital marketing space, there’s nothing such as “set it and forget it.”

Digital marketing campaigns require a regular check-up for measuring performance and there are great free tools such as Google Analytics to assist in this.

To achieve this, you need to pay attention to macro trends in digital marketing and focus on the whole picture when it comes to campaign and channel performance.

Reason 3 of business owners struggling to get results on their businesses: Failure to test

Frequent testing is essential for successful digital marketing.

Continuous monitoring of campaign analytics puts one in a better position to optimize his/her campaigns as he/she goes on.

Most people jump into conclusions about why something is prospering or not without depending on the right legwork to justify their conclusions..

Testing is thus the best way to ensure campaigns have the best opportunity to thrive and market expenditures are used properly.

Reason 4 of business owners struggling to get results on their businesses: Targeting the wrong audience

Even the perfectly quantified campaigns would still fail if they were exposed to the wrong audience. Audience is indeed the backbone to digital marketing.

One thus has to spend quality time in knowing well your target audience for successful digital marketing in order for your business to thrive.

Let’s say you were targeting people to purchase your sneakers. It would be wrong to target old people in this campaign since most old people are not much into sneakers. Young people would be the best target audience in such a campaign.

Reason 5 of business owners struggling to get results on their businesses: Hopping onto every hot new trend that comes by

The digital marketing space is quite delicate when it comes to balancing between staying current and jumping on the bandwagon.

Things happen first in the digital marketing space and you need to be up to date on the latest technologies and strategies in digital marketing so as not to fall behind your competitors.

The mistake most people make is assuming that just because a certain technology or platform is trendy, they should automatically integrate it to their marketing campaign. It might cost you greatly to just follow the latest trends without first understanding how the new technology or idea will benefit your business.

Before you jump onto that new trend, get a sense of how it will benefit your marketing strategy.

It is thus difficult to remain updated on all the requirements required to guarantee positive results in your business with digital marketing.

One is although bond to make a few mistakes in the future which you should although learn from. The above outlined mistakes are meant to save you time, money and positive results in the long run.

Why is running your own business so hard?

Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but it's no secret that it comes with its unique set of challenges.

The complexities arise from various factors, and understanding them is essential for success.

Firstly, the competitive landscape in today's digital world is fierce, making it crucial to stand out and make a lasting impact.

Secondly, staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving digital marketing trends and algorithms can be daunting for entrepreneurs.

Thirdly, managing all aspects of your business, from marketing to finances and operations, often requires juggling multiple hats, which can be overwhelming.

Moreover, the constant pressure to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences adds another layer of complexity.

It's important to remember that challenges are part of the entrepreneurial journey, and embracing them as opportunities for growth can make the path to success more manageable.

At SM Agency, we specialize in helping businesses navigate these challenges, offering tailored digital marketing solutions that empower you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Don't let the difficulties deter you; instead, leverage them as stepping stones toward your business's ultimate success.

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