COVID19 Full Strategies Package

Innovation and change are what your business needs to adapt to this new situation.

People have different priorities but, despite this situation, they still consume and purchase online. This is because the purchase is emotional, and now people have strong emotions to deal with due to the lockdown. Therefore, they keep buying products or services that they feel as something able to please their emotions.


It’s time to build up presence into the online world, and in this package you will find all you need to do so and make the difference for your business’ survival. It includes a full guide and strategies described step-by-step and ready to be implemented into your business. The same strategies and action plan that we are using for our clients and us to maintain a presence in the market.


It’s an incredibly difficult moment for everyone, and that’s why we have put together all this information that we want to share with you. That’s because we want to help businesses like yours to survive this crisis.

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Package Details

Lifetime Access
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Permanent Updates
Strategies ready to implement
BONUS: 1 Hour Consulting Session

With this Package you will get:

Multiple Strategies which will help you to get ready and prepare your business to overcome this situation

Ideas to move a physical business to become an online business

How to innovate your business or part of it to continue being competitive and don’t lose business

Strategies to move your business online

Strategies to sell online even in a crisis situation

How to change your message and your offer to engage your audience and sell in this new situation

Templates to implement the strategies in your business

1 hour consulting in real-time with us via Zoom (Only this worth £150)

And much, much more!

This Package is for businesses and professionals who:


Needed to close due to this situation

Don’t know what to do in this situation

Don’t know how to innovate their business

Are worried about their business survival

Have been losing business

Want to get their business ready and overcome this situation

Want to set their business innovation process on a solid basis

Package Description:

This is not an ordinary package.
 We don’t want to waste your time, and that’s why we have created this Crisis Package sharing easy to follow but extremely effective Strategies, the most indicated in the case of an economic change, and Templates to facilitate your work.

We have personally invested time and money in studies and researches, getting to know what works for every industry, and is effective even in a crisis situation.

We have been using the same Strategies and Templates to help our clients, businesses like yours, getting ready to overcome this situation, and working on the innovation they need, in order to maintain and grow their presence in the market.

Each of these strategies can easily get an impact on your marketing. Using them all together will generate the cumulative effect of setting your innovation process on a solid basis, allowing your business to remain competitive and don’t lose business.

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£400 £49.90

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