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Amazon appeal service UK will save you time and money by making sure you get your account reactivated in the quickest time possible in case of an account suspension.

You may know Amazon as the major search engine for products. You can find there almost any kind of product that you could think of. Amazon basically functions as one place for anything. And if you are a seller, you surely know the amount of competition there is right now.

And as often happens with great things, some people try to get the benefits earlier. This made Amazon set rules and regulations for both customers and sellers. And not meeting these regulations takes accounts to be suspended by Amazon. In this is your case, you can appeal by yourself but to make sure you’ll get your account reinstated quickly and with no further troubles, it is ideal to look for an Amazon appeal service.



Can you reactivate your seller account without an Amazon appeal company?


This is one of the most frequent questions asked in the Amazon community. The point here is that it is not about whether you can do it or not but about how effective your Amazon appeal will be. We are an Amazon appeal company and we know that it is vital to be honest and precise when writing your appeal. For this, Amazon also provides instructions on how to appeal, and, if you are confident enough, of course, you can go ahead on your own.

Writing an Amazon appeal letter is not that difficult but you need to make sure you fully understand the problem that caused the suspension and provide an exhaustive explanation of all the steps you’ll put in place to fix it.

In the notification letter Amazon sends on the occasion of a suspension, they vaguely mention the reason why the account got suspended. They want you to analyse your account and fully acknowledge the issue to then be able to find a proper solution.

So if you don’t feel comfortable doing this by yourself and want to save time and headache, you can decide to outsource this task by getting an Amazon appeal service UK.



Possible reasons for Amazon Seller Account Suspension


With the increasing number of products listed on Amazon, the number of possible reasons and violations that may cause a suspension increases as well. That’s because, with such a large community, the platform has strict quality policies to be respected as their goal is to maintain high-quality customer service. So, here below we have listed for you the most common reasons behind an Amazon seller suspension:


Multiple Accounts

If you own multiple Amazon seller accounts, then chances are you get a suspension. The platform allows just one seller account per individual. Their algorithm is in charge of checking your credentials, and if it finds they are the same as another account ones, you may get a suspension and might need the help of an Amazon appeal service.


Inappropriate Listing

As per Amazon guidelines, certain items cannot be sold on the platform. This could be country-specific or just forbidden by Amazon. For example, in India, it is prohibited to sell adult toys, and if you are caught selling them on Amazon, then your account will get suspended.


Advertising your website

Amazon allows businesses to sell their products on the platform even if they sell them already on their website. However, it does not allow any advertising of their e-commerce platform. If you do this, then your account may be suspended.


Listing Inauthentic Item

There are so many items on Amazon that get listed as authentic but, unfortunately, they are not. So, if customers mark your product as inauthentic, then your account may receive a suspension email. So, if this is your case, we strongly recommend you stop selling it.


Listing Counterfeit Item

This one is very obvious. Selling anything counterfeit is just illegal. Amazon deem themselves credible for each one of the products listed on their platform and will surely punish any account selling counterfeit products with a suspension if not a straight ban. So, if you have the doubt that something you sell might be counterfeit, then get necessary data about the product. And, if possible just stop selling until you clarify any doubts.


Safety Complaints

Amazon is careful and ready when it comes to safety regulations. If any of your products violates them by any chance, ensure you fix it or simply stop selling it if you don’t want to be suspended or even banned.


Images that are restricted

Amazon doesn’t allow anyone to use images of someone else’s products. This is one of the most common reasons for seller account suspension. Vendors often use pictures that they don’t have permission to use. If you reckon to be doing this, then stop, as this means you are violating the IP policies and would need an Amazon appeal service to get your account reactivated.

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Used item Sold

Amazon allows used items to be sold but they have to be listed in the category of refurbished. So, if you are selling used items not including them in the refurbished category, Amazon will assume you sell it as new. And, at this point, if you get a bad customer review, Amazon will decide for a suspension. Make sure you avoid this and that everything you sell is new or in the right category.


Expired items

Most people know Amazon as a gadgets seller but it also sells a large variety of other products. If you are selling something that has expired, then this is definitely a big red flag for Amazon. You must always keep track of all the products you are delivering. In this case, it is still possible to get the account reactivated but such activities make the task more difficult, even for an Amazon appeal service UK.


Item not sold as described

The product description is a big issue. A high number of sellers describe their product’s benefits as much more exaggerated than they actually are. At this point, it’s much easier to get negative reviews as the products don’t meet the expectations. A description is meant to showcase your product in the most correct and truthful way, which is the best way to have a smooth business experience on this platform. So, if you don’t wish to need to get an Amazon appeal service, then avoid this at all costs.


High Order Defect Rate

ODR or Order Defect Rate is the percentage of defective orders you have dispatched. For Amazon, this is a serious offense. Ideally, they only allow an ODR not higher than 1%. So, if you are getting any complaints concerning a defective product, make sure you fix the issue as soon as possible.


High negative customer experience (NCX)

Customer reviews are the mirror of the service you provide your customers with. If you are constantly getting negative reviews, chances are the product is at fault. If this is happening to you, make sure you fix what your customers are complaining about and take immediate action.


So, if you suspect that your account may violate any point listed above, then do check for it ASAP. Besides, oftentimes an account gets suspended for multiple reasons. This makes it more difficult to identify the suspension causes. This will then require your audit to be as detailed as possible., and you to take action on it ASAP, as leaving it to fix for the future may get you a strike – as we have seen it happening with other accounts in the past.



How can our Amazon Suspension Appeal Service help You?


When it comes to reactivating a seller account, hiring an Amazon appeal service UK with high experience with writing successful Amazon suspension appeal letters is very important. The Amazon appeal letter is the exclusive communication between you and Amazon that can help your account be reinstated. And, if it doesn’t get delivered in the right direction, then it may take additional time. As mentioned before, it is easier to get success on the first attempt. Otherwise, it can take much longer, ending up making you lose loads of business.

Now, speaking more in detail of the appeal letter, the action plan is the core part of it. Basically, in the letter, Amazon wants you to present a detailed action plan including all the steps you will take to fix the issue notified by Amazon to make sure it won’t happen again in the future.

Also, every case is unique, therefore, it is vital to deeply analyse the case and provide a bespoke statement.

Although, our vast experience with this manner always makes it easier and quicker for us to get success in these cases.



Explore Our Amazon Appeal Service UK


To get success with any case we handle, we follow specific steps to be able to share as many details as possible in a way that’s easily understandable for Amazon.


Concise & Precise

Amazon gets so many appeals daily, and this makes it very important to mention everything in the easiest way possible. This will make Amazon not cause delays and see that you actually took proper care into wanting to get your account reactivated.


Action Plan

After analysing your account and identifying the suspension causes, it’s time to explain properly all the actions you’ll put in place to fix the issues. We usually use bullet points to break down the action plan and increase the effectiveness when it comes to scanning the letter. And on top of this, we make sure that every point is a clear indication of what steps we are going to take.



Every convincing piece of written content has a narrative. We make sure to mention absolutely everything, taking each and every issue one by one and explaining how we are going to fix them step-by-step.


As an Amazon appeal help service, we take this manner very seriously, and our experience will lead your account to be reactivated in the minor possible time.



How to avoid other suspensions in the future?


There are two ways you can avoid this. The first one is to deeply learn the Amazon policies and be proactive about every single aspect of your account setup and platform update. The second one is to hire an experienced Amazon appeal company like Serendipity Marketing. We are an end-to-end Amazon marketing company that can help you get your account reactivated, keep your account up to standards, and run and optimise any kind of activity on the platform to drive more traffic to your products’ pages and increase your sales.


If this is what you are looking for, just click below and get in touch with us to speak with one of our Amazon experts today!

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