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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Driving a higher number of potential customers to your business often comes from building authentic and long-lasting connections with your target audience. With billions of daily active users, social media marketing has become one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal.

You are probably somehow familiar with social media features and possibilities, however, something that you probably haven’t taken the time to is to build out a complete and functional social media campaign.

You are probably aware that developing a full campaign goes beyond the simple posting of regular company updates and news across the platforms you are on.

Creating and running an efficient social media marketing campaign is no easy task, especially if you are not an expert, and your business is targeting a very specific niche.

Not only do you have to get to know your ideal customers at a deep level. But you have to uncover the hidden reason for their behaviour – problems, needs, emotions.

This will tell you where you can best find them online and the right way you can reach and interact with them.


But there’s no need to be worried! We are here to help.


Like every digital marketing technique, building a truly efficient social media marketing campaign demands time, expertise, and resources.

I know, running efficient digital marketing feels like a full-time job. And the truth is that it is indeed.

However, even though it may sound overwhelming, you have to turn your marketing into something really efficient if you want to grow your business furthermore.


Why Social Media Marketing London Campaign Is Important For Your Business


It is simple. It is the easiest and most effective way to stimulate your target audience’s attention and lead them to interact with your business.

This makes it one of the best ways to increase your business visibility and brand awareness.

On this page, we’ are going to drive you through all the steps of creating and running an efficient social media marketing campaign for your specific target audience, no matter who they are.


How To Create And Run An Efficient Social Media Marketing Campaign?


Here are 5 steps to use to develop and run the right social media campaign for your business:


1. Identify & Get To Deeply Know Your Target Audience


The first step in developing any truly efficient marketing campaign is getting to know exactly who your target audience is, what their biggest problems and needs are, and what their behaviour and driving emotions are.

Many businesses make the mistake of focusing their social media marketing only on their products and services and how good they are.

Like this, they fail to take into consideration their audience’s challenges and needs, emotions, and behaviour.

These are the main things that engage any kind of audience. People are mainly interested in how you can help them fix their problems and are driven by emotions.

And, as often happens, the results are small for the amount of time, resources, and budget these companies invest – even though in this case it might be better to say waste.


So, take time to get to deeply know who your target audience is and what their behavioural driving force is. If you haven’t done it already, you will then want to create customer avatars.

These are basically fictionalised profiles of your ideal customers with their information, including demographics, challenges, problems, needs, where they go to get information, what driving emotions leads them to purchase similar products/services, and what they need to see to stimulate the right driving emotions.

 Here is a quick overview of how you can create these customer avatars and get to deeply know your audience:

Start by making some general assumptions about your target audience based on your previous experience with customers.

At this point, do some further market research to verify these assumptions and possibly identify new possibilities.

Identify online groups or blogs where people looking for information in your business industry ask questions and interact. Look for patterns in the questions asked and the tone of the conversations they have.

This will help you understand their challenges, problems, and needs, alongside what their behaviour is and their driving force.

Once you know exactly who your target audience is, what they care about, and why, you will be able to reach them more effectively with your social media marketing campaign.

You will be able to make your content stand out and deeply engage the specific people part of your audience that most likely will become customers.

You will be able to make the right emotional impact for them to interact with your business and go through the buyer’s journey.


2. Focus On The Right Social Media Platforms


Now that you know deeper your ideal customers, it’s time to get to know where they hang out online the most. There are numerous social media platforms available to businesses who want to reach and connect with a wider audience.

Your ideal customers probably use multiple platforms, but, most likely, not all the ones available. That’s why it’s essential to strategically identify and choose the right channels that your target audience uses and interact the most.

When it comes to choosing the best social media platforms to focus on for the most efficient social media campaign, you will want to consider the following for each social media platform:


Audience: in which social platforms your target audience uses the most to interact with brands?

Demographics: which platforms have the largest groups of people who are part of your target audience demographics?

Features: which social media platforms provide features that allow you to best highlight your business?


How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

3. Develop Realistic And Specific Campaign Goals


Before launching your efficient social media marketing campaign, you need to decide what you want to achieve with that campaign. Don’t only think about what you hope to get, but also how these goals align with your overall marketing and business goals.

These are just some goals that businesses commonly use as a starting point for their social media marketing campaigns:


  • Increase traffic to their website.
  • Generate a higher number of new leads.
  • Increase their business conversion rate.
  • Promote and sell a specific product or service.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Connect and interact with customers.
  • Establish or build brand authority.


Here it is important to ensure that your goals are clearly planned. We do recommend using the SMART goal setting system to help you make sure that your social media marketing campaign goals are clear and achievable.

SMART stands for: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Using SMART goals is one of the best ways to lead you to grow your business.

So, more specifically, when using the SMART goal setting system, “increase income” is not good enough as a goal. You will need to consider instead how much exactly you want to increase income by, how you will measure progress, and in what timeline you want to accomplish this goal.

You will also want to make sure that the goal you decide to set up is relevant to your business and realistic considering your timeline and resources.

It’s also important to keep in mind that your specific campaign goals will play an essential role in your social media strategy.

The way you reach your target audience and the kinds of content you create and share in your campaign will be different depending on your specific goals.

For example, if you want to increase traffic to your website, your CTA will be different than if you just want to incentivize your audience to interact with your business.

Similarly, while you might use top-funnel content to increase your brand awareness, for a conversion campaign will require more specific bottom-funnel content. Keep your specific goals in mind when it comes to create and decide the right strategy for each social media management uk campaign you run.


4. Decide On Promotion Strategies For Each Platform


Each social media platform has different features and characteristics that you need to keep in mind when you want to run your social media marketing campaign.

It is recommended to follow the specific social media platforms your campaign strategy involves. In this way, you can really maximise your results by using each platform to your advantage.

Some social media platforms have individual features that will allow you to share different types of content that deeply engage your audience.

For example, Facebook and Instagram have live video streaming options that allow you to have live interactions with your audience.

You can also take advantage of paid advertising opportunities as part of your specific social media marketing campaign.

Paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help you quickly expand your reach to connect with new potential customers, while organic content can help you build long-lasting relationships with consumers.


5. Create A Content Calendar


Once you identify your specific audience and goals and develop your social media campaign strategy, it’s time to create a content calendar.

I am sure you already know that content plays a crucial role in your social media management uk campaigns. It represents the very first line of communication and it’s what your audience and followers see before deciding whether or not to interact.

The types of content will differ depending on your target audience’s behaviour and your business goals. Your content must make the right emotional impact to drive your audience to go through the steps you strategically prepared to reach your business goals.

Here are a few ideas of different content that you may want to include in your calendar:

Blogs: Blogs are excellent for top-funnel content, especially if focused on your target audience’s challenges. They can also be used efficiently for middle and bottom-funnel content if focused more specifically on your products or services.

eBooks: E-books are very good to use as leads magnet as they provide additional high-value to convince your audience to exchange their contact information.

Text Posts: In addition to sharing content, you may also want to use general text social media posts to just start a conversation or including a CTA.

Images: You may want to use visual content using different images from illustrative infographics to more simple pictures of your products.

Videos: Videos are a great way to break down difficult topics and share multiple information in a short time. They also have the benefit of transmitting your message at a more personal level.

Landing Pages: If you want to drive your audience to your website to take a specific action, you may need to create specific landing pages that stimulate the right driving emotion to lead them to take the desired action.


Once you decide the types of content it’s best to create to better engage with your audience, you can start picking the right topics.

The topics that most likely will keep your target audience engaged with your content and drive them through the steps strategically designed to reach your business goals are the ones that speak about them.


Let me explain better. Put your target audience at the centre of the topic decision process.

Choose topics related to their challenges and problems, speak about their needs and desires. By doing this, you will be able to make them feel identified and understood reducing their scepticism.

Give them the answer to the burning questions they have and offer them valuable solutions.

By doing this, you will build in their mind the idea of your business as a valuable authority in the industry.

Stimulate the right driving emotions and offer your business as a valuable solution to their challenges and lead them to interact with your brand.


At this point, we recommend picking 5 different topics area so that your content doesn’t feel always the same and you can give some variety. In this way, you will be able to address the same topic from different perspectives.

This will allow you to use a powerful psychological technique named Repetition to your advantage – the more people receive the same information, the more they assume that information is true.


So, now you should keep all the content information organized in a calendar. You can easily use a Google or Excel spreadsheet, or digital programs.

A content calendar allows you to be organised and see at any moment what content is coming up, keeping all your team on the same page about tasks and deadlines.

There are different content calendar formats. You should choose one that works best for you. The most effective content calendars include the information below:

  • Topic or title
  • Description
  • Type of content
  • Author
  • Due date
  • Post date
  • Promotion details
  • Any other important notes


Keep this content calendar in a place where it’s easy for everyone in charge to access and update it. Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, or the company server are all valuable solutions.


What Makes A Social Media Marketing London Campaign Able To Drive More Potential Customers To Your Business?


There are a few different things to consider to make your social media campaign efficient. But overall, the deeper you get to know your specific target audience up-front, the more efficient your strategy will be.

This gets translated into truly having the possibility to see the results you want from your social media marketing campaign.

Acknowledge the best social media platforms that your specific business can benefit from and share high-value content to stand out and deeply engage your target audience.

Pick your 5 topic areas and organise all your content in a calendar. It will help you use the Repetition technique and have everything organised to save precious time.


In the meantime, if you have any questions or need help with your social media campaign from experts, the Serendipity Marketing team is at your service.

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency London, we offer a variety of social media marketing services UK that can help your business increase its visibility and connect more efficiently with your specific target audience.

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