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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

You've probably heard that videos perform better on Facebook than text content. And if read already some of our articles, you’ll probably read them there as well. So, how do you create a video that's going to do really well? You have to know that there are Facebook video hacks that you can apply to increase your visibility on the platform.

And in this article, we are going to show you just that; 5 simple Facebook video hacks that'll help you create popular videos to boost visibility and conversions.


Hi there, and welcome back to Serendipity Marketing. We're a digital marketing agency with a mission to help small businesses grow by applying psychology to their marketing strategies.

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So, let’s go straight to the point.


1. Use emotions


The first Facebook video hack we have for you is to use emotions and smile.

It's really simple.

If you're creating a video that's really boring and dull like most people are doing nowadays on Facebook, people are not going to engage and might even unfollow your page.

By creating high engaging personality emotion, engaging with your audience, and smiling, you'll find that you'll have a video that's more engaging and that people will leave more comments.

We often make the mistake to show emotion, but we forget to smile. If we smile, in every single one of our videos we do even better.

We even tested videos with smiling and we tested videos without smiling and for some reason people always preferred videos with us smiling.

That’s of course because when you see someone smiling you feel already more comfortable.

Even if it’s through a video, a smile transmits a lot.

And people like to engage mainly with personalities that make them feel comfortable and that they feel close to them.

That’s why is so important to smile and to use emotions through your videos.


What emotions?


This, of course, depends on the emotions that engage the most the audience you want to target.

Whether emotions are positive or negative, all of them can engage with people. If you use emotions, you’ll connect deeper with your audience, and they will feel identified and incentivised to interact with your content.

You will want to use those emotions that make your audience engaged the most.

What are the emotions that will push them to watch the whole video and even want to share it?

This is an important step to planning your video creation and having the highest success.

How could you know the emotions to leverage with your audience?

You can see it in detail in our Audience Analysis Full Guide, just click here.


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2. Make longer videos


The second one of these Facebook video hacks we have for you is to make sure your videos are at least 5 minutes long.

When your videos are really short, you're not going to keep people on Facebook.

Facebook wants users to stay on their platform. They don't want them to hop on over to your blog, to your website, to YouTube.

So, the longer your videos, the more engaging they are, because you're using emotions so people are sticking around, the more times they're going to stay on Facebook, the more money Facebook makes from advertising because there's a higher chance that people click on those ads.

And that's why you want to have long and engaging videos.

Short videos like 2, 3 minutes, from what we've tested, don't perform nearly as well, compared to videos that are above 5 minutes.

We even tested one video that was 60 minutes long and we found that the longer the video, the easier it was to go viral on Facebook.


3. Add a description


The third tip Facebook video hack we have for you is to add a description to your videos.

Most people, when they're. uploading videos to Facebook, they're just going to put a title and that's it. Nothing else.

Take the time to write a description and, as Larry Kim from mobile monkey says, use the Brill language.

So, instead of full sentences, use quick and short statements.

For example:

“Some people either love us or hate us. The reason most people hate us is because of our aggressive marketing. So, we are going to share with you 3 bold techniques that help us make a great profit”.

That's an example of using that type of language as a video description.

And you can see how easy and straightforward it is. It anticipates what the videos will be about and stimulates curiosity that will drive people to click the play button.


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4. Add captions


The fourth Facebook video hack we have for you is to add captions to your videos.

Not everyone has their speakers turned on.

A lot of people listen to video content while they're at work. A lot of people are browsing Facebook at work because they don't want to do their job and they just want to check out what their friends are doing.

So, if your video has subtitles, people can then end up reading what's being described in your video without having to turn on their speakers or use headphones.

This basically makes it easier for anyone to see your videos and understand what you are saying in whatever scenario they find themselves, whether they can have the speakers on or off.

And, of course, as you increase the chances for people to engage with your video, Facebook will push it even more, which gives you even more chances to go viral.


5. Use a call to action


The last one of these Facebook video hacks that we have for you is to make sure you engage people.

If you tell people to leave a comment and they leave a comment, it's going to help your video go more viral.

Don’t leave space for people to figure out the action you’d like them to take, they don’t want to think, and they will most likely not take any action.

Tell them the action you’d like them to take. Make it easy and straightforward.

So, the leave a comment call to action helps us out make our videos get more views.

The same, if you tell people to like your video, they're more likely to like it.

If you tell people to share it, they're more likely to share it.

You get the point, don’t you?

You need to create engagement and the more you do it, the more Facebook will push your videos.


If you need help with your Facebook and social media marketing to grow your business in terms of visibility, engagement, and profit, contact us today and speak with one of our digital marketing experts to see how we can build the bridge between the point you’re standing at right now and your goals.

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