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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

What about increasing your sales quickly and efficiently?

Not an easy task – you may think.

And, indeed, it isn’t.

However, with the help of specific techniques, it is possible to generate an automatised system that constantly generates sales and grows your business.

Sales increment comes from organising and implementing the right strategies into your sales system.

There is no copy and paste technique.

It’s all about using the right techniques and strategies in line with your business and your target audience.

Alright, what are the right techniques and strategies for you?

In this article, I am going to walk you through 5 powerful techniques that, if you are not using yet, you will want to implement into your marketing and sales process.


These 4 techniques are the basis to achieve further business growth and sales nowadays.


Great, let’s no spend further time talking about them generically.

It’s now time to describe to you these efficient strategies one by one and tell you how you can use them.

1. Count on reciprocity

Reciprocity is the tendency to naturally want to do something for someone else after they previously did something for us.

If used correctly, this is technique is very effective and, in fact, it is largely used.

Let’s make an example. Have you ever gotten a mint after a meal or chocolate after the coffee?

If the answer is yes, the place where you have been was counting on Reciprocity.

According to studies, if the bill is shown without mint, the diners will tip according to their perceptions of the service given.

However, with one mint, the tip gets 3.3% higher, while, with two mints, it jumps to roughly 20%.

That’s quite incredible, isn’t it?

With such an effective sales technique, you will make your potential customers feel like they will want to give something back to you and, as a result, they will most likely listen to you and buy your products.

There are lots of ways to use Reciprocity to your advantage.

The main concept is to can give away something related to your business industry. Just make sure that what you give for free is valuable for your specific future clients, before asking something in return.

This is the key: it needs to be truly valuable for your audience!

The more it is valuable for them, the more they will feel understood and inclined to choose you as the business to purchase from.

This is an effective strategy to prove your business as trustworthy and drive a higher percentage of potential customers to convert into real and loyal ones.

2. Confidence and authority

When we are undecided, we like to have someone who gives us security leading us towards what we want to achieve.

The same happens to your potential customers.

They are experiencing a problem or have the desire to achieve a specific goal and are looking for the thing that will help them fix their problem or achieve their goal.

If it was you, would you feel more engaged by someone showing uncertainty regarding the knowledge of your problem or goal, or regarding the results you can achieve with them? Or maybe by someone showing you confidence?

I guess we both know the response to this.

Confidence leads to make your listener comfortable and to build in their head the idea of you as a trustworthy authority in the industry.

Therefore, show confidence through whatever type of communication you decide to use. Whether it’s through social media, videos, website copy, or direct calls with potential clients, always use a confident tone.

Extra tip: when you communicate with your ideal clients, alongside confidence, speak from their point of view.

This means speaking about the benefits they will receive by purchasing what you offer related to the specific problem or desire they have.

Exactly, specific.

What is the biggest problem or desire your target audience has and that would lead them to purchase what you offer?

What’s the reason why they would choose you?

This takes us to the next technique.

How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

3. Know your buyer persona

Getting to know your ideal clients at a deep level is crucial in any marketing and sales process.

Depending on who they are, their expectations, interests, desires, issues, challenges, behaviour, and driving emotions, your strategy changes.

Your potential customers have to stay in the centre of the process.

The process has to adapt to them, never the opposite.

This is a very important key point in increasing your sales.

This will allow you to have a more specific message and communication that will most likely engage your target audience, leading a higher percentage to interact with your business and purchase.

That’s because the whole process gets designed for them.

This is the only secret big established companies have and that guarantees them to always have good results in terms of leads and sales.

The companies that keep studying their audience and adapt their communication to them are those who reach higher results.

Do you want to know more about this?

Click here to learn how Amazon uses deep audience knowledge to be the biggest online retailer.

Click here to learn everything behind a deep audience analysis and how to do it.

4. Expand your market

Remember that the percentage of people part of your target audience that is ready to buy right now is usually around 3%.

This means that the largest part of your audience (97%!) is not ready to buy yet.

And, what does this mean exactly?

It means that the biggest part of your audience might not even be aware of having a problem and that you can fix it for them.

Your communication must consider this.

If you limit your tone of communication and strategy to be focused only on the percentage that is ready to buy, you are leaving the biggest part on the table!

Focusing also on them will allow you to open your market and increase your chances to boost your sales.

Depending on the phase of the journey they are – not aware, aware, ready to buy – the communication for each of them has to be different.

If someone is not aware of having an issue, you must educate them and make them see that to achieve their goal they need to overcome a specific challenge and that you can help them with it.

If someone is aware but yet not ready to buy, you must share valuable help and prove yourself as a trustworthy authority in your field.

Every step designed to move each of these categories into the ready to buy one.

This is how you can easily open your market and increase the number of potential customers following your business and convert them into real clients.

How can you implement an efficient marketing and sales process for your business?


Serendipity Marketing is a leading full-service digital marketing agency London helping clients internationally developing and running an efficient marketing and sales process specifically for each one of them and their target audience.

Our unique methodology mixes marketing strategies with psychology science, allowing us to get to know your target audience at a deeper level, uncovering their driving emotions and behavioural patterns.

This makes us a leading internet marketing agency London in creating a completely bespoke and efficient marketing and sales process for any business.

Implementing the right sales technique into your marketing and business is not easy, therefore, it’s always better to rely on an expert digital marketing agency London.

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