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These are the top three Instagram Hacks that we know you're not doing on Instagram right now to increase your Instagram reach and engagement.


Hi there, and welcome back to Serendipity Marketing Blog. We're a digital marketing agency with the mission to help small and medium businesses grow by applying psychology to their marketing strategies.


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Your engagement and reach on Instagram will go up and it will go down so, let's start with something that's easy to implement and it'll have a huge impact on the engagement that you get.


Instagram has made out to be a very hard thing. Sometimes it can be but we want to give you very simple but unique ways of increasing your engagement and reach practically overnight and to make sure it goes up and it stays up.


Instagram Hacks: Ghost Followers

Here you need to try and find a way to get your ghost followers to engage with you. When we refer to ghost followers we don't mean fake followers. We don't mean bots. We mean people, real people who have actually decided to follow you but just who aren't really engaging with your content or who might not be seeing your content.

So, what we can do is go into your stories and then go on to the create tab. Just click that, go into the stickers and we want to bring up a question sticker and what you're going to do is you're going to say “dm me if you don't normally engage with my content” or something on those lines, and then what we can also do is just add into that and say “look I've got some spare time and I want to connect with my followers who don't normally engage with my content”. And then, what you do is you post this story and what will happen is that the people who don't normally engage with you will send you a message and start engaging with you. They’ll send you a message and we'll start conversation.

We don't realize that actually to get people to see our content more often we don't just need them to engage with our content. We need them to engage with us, with our profile.

So, getting your ghost followers to send you a message is a very simple way of telling the algorithm to send that content to them and what would happen is that, as they come for that conversation, most of the time the first piece of content that's going to come up on their home feed will be our piece of content. So, it's a very simple trick to make sure that your content starts to get shown to more of your ghost followers. Then over time you keep repeating this process and you will get more reach and you will get more engagement


Instagram Hacks: Instagram line breaks


Have you ever watched somebody write a huge paragraph that just looks horrible, and you don’t want to read it? Well, Instagram line breaks change. That it's easy to use and it's free.


Instagram Hacks: Hot topics

So, another little trick you can do to increase your reach and engagement very quickly is to simply use hot topics or to use trends or to repeat types of content or formats that are proven to work well for you.


Instagram Hacks: Post Frequency

Another trick we've found is actually to change your posting frequency so at the moment you might be posting every single day and that's good. We think you should be doing that. But if you're posting every single day and you're not increasing your reach, you're not increasing your engagement but there is something wrong and it could be something else.

But let's say is your posting frequency. Well, why don't you post once every other day and the time that you get back into your schedule you spend that time instead doing more research, practicing your skills, becoming better at creating content. So that, when you do post your content it has more impact.

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Instagram Hacks: ALT Text


The next thing is really easy to use but has a big impact when it comes to your SEO search engine optimization. That's right, Instagram is a search engine in a lot of different ways and adding your own alt text is kind of a secret hack. So, what you need to do is add a normal post and when you get to the part where you add your own caption, go all the way down to the bottom. There's going to be a little greyed out area that says “advanced settings”, click that, go down to add alt text and then describe what people are seeing in the video or the photo.


Instagram Hacks: High-Quality Images


Have you ever uploaded anything to Instagram and when you go back it seems fuzzy and not quite as sharp as it did on your phone? Well, we need to change the Instagram settings.


Go to settings then, account, go to data usage because that's the problem and make sure that you have selected “high-quality uploads”. Boom, problem solved!


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