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The best place to get traffic from is new website traffic sources. That’s of course because, as they are new, they are not overcrowded and as such not that competitive and work well for everyone.

In this article, we are going to break down three great website traffic sources that you're probably not using.

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Just bear in mind; this article is not going to be long. Why? Because we want you to use these traffic sources instead of just reading tons of content. You know, everyone reads articles, but there's very little action taken, and I want to change that starting with this blog.

So, here we go.


1. Capitalise on websites with high domain authority and user-generated content


The idea here is to look at websites that have massive backlink profiles and high DA (domain authority).

Beyond their backlinks and their domain authority, you want to use these websites that accept user-generated content because you can go and upload content that they accept, link back to your website, and generate traffic as a consequence.

Great examples of this are Quora and Wikipedia.

There are tons of sites like this, those are two examples. They rank for everything and get tons of traffic.

Even if the links don't help you with your SEO, it's okay. Go and participate in those communities, and where it makes sense, link back to your website. Where it doesn't make sense, don't do it. Do what's best for their community and this will drive you instant traffic.

This is so effective that at a certain point, we had someone full-time just focusing on responding on Quora and linking to our site. And after a while, we didn't have to continue doing it because we've already been on Quora so many times now that we continue to get that residual traffic.


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2. Content syndication platforms


With this type of platform, you can get used to finetuned algorithms that will match your content with the content where your sponsored posts will appear.

So, let's say readers on a blog post about dog food and the content that you want to generate traffic for is around vegan dog food options.

Those platforms will allow you to put your content in front of people who are already reading content on related topics. And they have tons of customisation options that allow you to fine tune your targeting.

It's almost like Facebook Ads or Google Ads and you get tons of audience options and geo targets.

Here are some of the great examples of this type of platform: Outbrain, Zemanta, ARC, Taboola, ZergNet, AllTop, 9Rules.

These are all great sources that you should check out.


3. YouTube


You probably consume it, but you don't leverage it. The best thing about YouTube is that it isn't cold traffic. When you create videos on topics related to your business industry, people watch those videos and get to know you and your business, building that rapport.

So, then when you tell them to check out your website, the conversion rate is so much higher, because they're already warmed up as they get to know you.

Now, the way you bring traffic from YouTube is really simple. You create video-based content that's on evergreen topics. You can do some keyword research to see what’s popular in your industry.

You can do it by typing on the Google search bar something related to your business space and seeing the first suggestions Google gives you.

Another free tool you can use is the Ubersuggest by Neil Patel. You will need to type in keywords related to your space, and it tells you what's popular so that you can create videos around them.

After this, you have to put those keywords within the title of your YouTube video, and the description of the YouTube video, together with a link to your website so that people can have easy access to it.

You will also want to mention the keywords naturally within your video and this will help you rank for them.

As a call to action, tell people in your video to go to your website and that they will find the site link in the video description.

Another strategy that works extremely well is understanding the YouTube algorithm which is almost the opposite of Google.

On Google, if you want to rank really well, slow and steady wins the race.

On YouTube, not so much so.

If a video does really well in the first 24 hours, it can rank instantly at the top for any keyword.

So, when you create a video, in the first 24 hours send it out through push notifications through tools like subscribers, email blasts, and promote it as hard as you can.

This way, if then it does well, it starts ranking instantly and you get that traction instantly. You don't have to edit your videos as much, just quick and dirty uploading them does well.

So, these are the three traffic sources we want you to start using to generate more qualified traffic to your website and increase your sales with it.


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