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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Can you imagine sitting on the sofa at night after a long working day and being able to watch only movies that TV channels transmit on that day?

And on top of that with a lot of advertising cutting the movie and stopping it in the best part?


This sounds like going back in time, as this was a reality until a few years ago.

I am sure you know Netflix, and you probably agree with me if I say that they are one of the main pioneers to change this movie experience.

Now, we are all able to watch movies when we prefer without any advertising bothering and Netflix is one of the main platforms offering this.

But well, let’s move forward as I am sure you know very well Netflix and their benefits.


Let’s focus more on their digital marketing strategy and some of the techniques they use to make a positive impact on the users and drive them to subscribe.

Netflix is one of those companies with a powerful marketing strategy empowered by psychological techniques to make the right emotional impact on their target audience for high brand awareness and profits.


In this article, I am going to unveil 3 powerful emotional marketing techniques that are responsible for Netflix’s global success.

Netflix’s ideal customers, like any business ones, are mainly motivated to make decisions by their driving emotions.

Depending on the audience and the offer, the emotions to positively impact the audience are different.

Organizing and running your digital marketing around your audience’s driving emotions have great benefits in terms of engagement and sales.

This is because you won’t only communicate your offer in an informative way, but you’ll do it knowing what truly motivates them to take action.

If you want to learn more about how emotions influence buyers’ purchase decision-making, click here to see our emotions and purchase behaviour guide.

Great, so now it’s time to see 3 powerful emotional marketing techniques Netflix use to positively impact their audience and drive high subscriptions and revenue.

1. Feeling of Comfort

If you think that Netflix offers a subscription service, it means that they are asking customers to commit to a monthly payment, which is a fairly big request.

So to overcome this, one of the biggest abilities they have is to make their potential clients feel comfortable with the decision of clicking on the call to action and subscribe.

One of the main worries a potential customer has is the fear to forget to cancel the service if they don’t make use of it.

This feeling might be familiar to you as well.

It is a feeling that stimulates the Cognitive part of the brain that is averse to take risks and is looking for the safest solution.

So, how do Netflix overcome this feeling?

On their website page, they clearly explain that, after the free trial period, they will send a reminder 3 days before so that you can unsubscribe if you didn’t like the service.

These words are extremely powerful in this sense.

They get to reduce the pressure on their potential customers that at this point know there is no problem if they forget about the subscription because they will get the notification.

In this way, the subscription doesn’t get seen as risky as before, driving the users to keep the interest and move to the following stage of their digital funnel.

Schermata 2021 06 01 alle 15.16.11

2. Free Trial for a Feeling of Security

As you can see on the image above, another interesting detail they use to achieve a feeling of comfort and security is the use of the word “FREE” on their sale page.

This word is a very powerful lead magnet as it takes away the initial responsibility of your potential clients so that they can get to know you and your services better without fully committing.

Netflix knows this very well and uses the word Free three times in a space with just a little text.

This makes it stand out even more and glue into the users’ heads, influencing positively their decision making.

This is a valid technique for any subscription business as allows people to get to know and use the product or service before committing, reducing the level of stress that a full commitment without knowing if the choice is the right one creates.

Also, most people feel grateful when someone does them a favor – give them something for free – and feel more inclined to return the favor – in this case, subscribe.

So, by inducing their target audience to try the service for free, they will most likely get people to value the service even more and will pay the subscription fee once the free trial ends.

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3. Colours To Induce Action

Colours are powerful assets when used it correctly.

Netflix know this quite well as they strategically use them to make a specific impact on their users and drive more conversions.

Colours psychology is in fact one of the most powerful emotional marketing techniques Netflix use for higher subscriptions.

We all grow up associating each colour with specific feelings and actions.

And these associations get wired so deep into our subconscious that the simple view of a color can trigger the specific feelings associated with it.

This means that also colours can influence people’s decision-making.

If you want to learn more about colors psychology to influence buyers’ purchase decision-making, click here to see our colour psychology guide. 

Schermata 2021 06 01 alle 15.22.07

As you can see from the image of their sales page, Netflix use three main colors: black, green, and red.

The black is used in the background, the green color in the process bar, and the red in the call to action for the free trial.

The black used in the background has the power to reduce the stress on the users’ eyes and make the call to actions stand out even more.

The green is associated with feelings of comfort and calm. Basically, using it in the process bar, they want to calm their audience’s worries and create a comfortable feeling for them to go through the process of trying the subscription.

The red, instead, is associated with love and passion, but also with determination, decision, and action.

Using a red call to action stimulates the users to be more decisive with the action they want them to take, which, at this point, they experience as not risky, thanks to the techniques explained above and the green color in the bar.

These are just 3 emotional marketing techniques Netflix use to generate a high conversion rate and have a brand internationally known.

How can you implement emotional marketing techniques in your business for higher profits?

SM Agency, is consedered a leading full-service digital agency London brands can benefit the most from by using emotional marketing techniques to empower digital marketing strategies.

We rely on the latest tech innovations and partner with cutting-edge data providers like AeMotion to precisely uncover audiences' emotional drivers and motivators along the sales journey. AeMotion offer the only neuroscience-based, tech-enabled data analytics service that enriches campaigns with non-verbal patterns for precise subconscious understanding and higher customers' value growth.

Getting such reliable data about audiences' behaviours and psychological profiles allows us to build more effective strategies and use the best neuromarketing techniques to get the most positive impact and create strong connections with customers - allowing us to be considered one of the leading digital agency London ventures use for emotional marketing informed strategies and marketing services.

Thanks to our unique approach, SM Agency services are requested by businesses of any industry looking for an expert London-based digital marketing agency with international exprience to provide services in English, Spanish, and Italian and market their brands in the UK, Euripe, and US, delivering profits growth.

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