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Finding effective sales strategies to apply in your business may seem easy.

However, on many occasions people believe that putting their products or services up for sale is all and enough, and, to be honest, there is nothing further from the truth.

Once you realize that this is not enough, you will most likely look for strategies to increase sales and thereby increase your income.

And this might be the reason why you are reading this article.

Today, with the number of new companies emerging and the importance of the digital world, it is important to know how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you 10 effective sales tips that will help you win over your potential customers and work more effectively.


1. Set clear goals

Establishing real and clear goals is one of the strategies to sell more that, even if it doesn’t seem, is one of the most effective, reason why you can find it in most of this blog’s articles. 

Knowing well what you want to get from your client and the journey that your ideal customer makes, from the moment they get to know you to when they finalise the purchase, will help you see the steps that you must follow much simpler.

For this, it is necessary to think about the projection that is expected to be achieved within a certain period of time. It is important to set a deadline in time so that the goal is truly realistic and achievable.

2. Listen before speaking

A mistake that sales representatives make very often is talking too much.

This is something quite common and it will make your client lose interest and also feel overwhelmed.

Although it may not sound like a sales strategy, I want to remind you that less is more and that on these occasions it is better to shut up and see what the other person has to tell you.

The sale process is mainly about them, not about you – keep this very well in mind when speaking with a potential client.

You will be able to collect much more information about their business and what they are looking for, making it easier for you to understand how you can make them feel much more comfortable.

You have to build a trustworthy relationship – this is an important key point in sales – and making them feel comfortable with you and your business is how you will achieve it.

So, one of the best strategies to increase sales is to let the other person set the pace of the conversation and decide how the sale is going to take place.

3. Always get to the point

This sales tip is closely linked to the previous one. It must be direct and concise when we are addressing a client.

Time is money, and the more time you both can save, the more effective the sale will be.

In Marketing there is a lot of rhetoric, and it’s easy to fall into the error of masking the words you use or go around too much when talking about prices or purchases.

Being direct and saying only what is relevant will help you make sales much more effective.

4. Conduct customer surveys

Clients you already work with or have worked with are a good source of new ideas. These can help you know what aspects of your company work and which ones can be improved.

They will provide you with an honest opinion about your business and you will be able to know if the changes or the optimizations that you are carrying out are fruitful.


5. Define an ideal customer profile

To define more effective sales strategies, you have to establish a defined market niche.

Who are you going to target?

What kind of people are you going to get in touch with?

Will they be interested in what you want to offer them?

Who is the type of person that most likely will purchase what you offer?

Take into account the products or services that you provide and the kind of person that might be interested in them. Try to make the niches as specific as possible and create buyer profiles to be able to attack them in an easy and direct way.

The deeper you know them and the more specific you are, the more effective your sales will be.

6. Expand your field of action

Once you have found a very specific market niche in your field of action, it is time to expand it. Yes, it is a somewhat contradictory sales strategy considering the previous point.

However, when you already control a type of client, you must continue to increase the profiles that you want to target to ensure that you reach a larger audience and, therefore, increase your sales.

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7. Save more time optimising processes

Sometimes we can be wasting a lot of time repeating the same processes over and over again.

Study how you can reduce or improve them and optimize your company’s resources.

You can look for automation alternatives for, for example, mass mailing or using CRM that allows you to easily get in touch with your customer.

8. Get to know your leads better

Before calling or contacting your potential clients, prepare the interview and look for some information about them.

This is one of the sales tips that can bring you the most and can help you the most.

We all like to see that others show interest in us and what we do. So, if your potential customers feel that you are interested in their business and their needs, they will be much more open to hearing what you have to offer.

On the other hand, knowing who you are contacting will also help you to know how many probabilities you have for them to finalise the purchase.

If you see that the profile you are studying does not combine well with your business, you will know that it may not be convenient to invest your time in contacting them.

9. Storytelling: one of the best sales strategies in Marketing

To develop sales strategies and increase your income, you have to think about how to add value to the audience you are targeting.

Presenting a product or service directly can be empty and cold and will not attract the attention of your potential customers.

So, include storytelling within your sales promotion strategies to create a greater bond with the people you are targeting.

Tell stories that they can identify with and that help to better convey the values of your brand to your customers.

An example of such a very good sales strategy is Coca-Cola Christmas advertisements. They are emotional, simple but emotional stories that sell very well and attract much more attention compared to the rest.

10. Follows up on your sales action plan

Follow-ups consist of keeping track of the leads you receive. Basically, it is to get in touch with them again from time to time to find out how close they are to making the purchase decision, if they have changed their mind or to communicate any offer that you have recently added.

Those companies that apply this strategy in their action plan will be able to see how the number of sales they make increases since, in many cases, you will not be able to make the purchase the first time you establish contact with your potential client.

These are the 10 sales tips that will help you increase your income and improve your company.

Don’t forget that on our blog you can find many more sales and marketing tips and on how to make your business reach the top.

How to make your business reach the top?


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