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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

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If you have an online store, whatever size it is, surely you have wondered at some point what strategy you can follow to increase the sales of your eCommerce.

And it’s safe to assume that improving the results of an online store is one of the primary goals of any entrepreneur nowadays.

In this article, I am going to share with you some ideas to keep in mind to design a sales strategy able to convert a high percentage of users.

These are the same techniques that we use at our company as consultants for hundreds of businesses that, like you, have decided to boost their business.

We started!

Digital commerce: a booming environment

No one doubts the rapid development of digital commerce. Electronic commerce reaches record figures, and in fact, this economic sector has gone at a higher speed than small and large merchants that haven’t yet digitalized.

So, having an online sales strategy is essential, not only to grow but to remain competitive.

The offer is increasingly varied and of higher quality, which is why “Shrimp that sleeps, the flow takes it.”

Online sales strategies

There are different and varied sales strategies for eCommerce. Below, you are going to find a list of those strategies that work best to generate and improve internet sales for your online business.


1 # Product or service demonstrations

One of the best strategies to encourage sales in eCommerce is to provide demonstrations of your product or service.

And when I say demonstrations, I do not mean to put you in a mall to distribute your product to anyone who passes. Remember, you have to do things with your head since sometimes, with minimal effort, you can achieve great things.

And, if you are a new merchant on the internet and you sell a new product or service, the best strategy to increase your eCommerce sales is to give what you sell to try.

2 # Recruitment strategy through the Blog

Although it will not help you generate a large number of online sales immediately, basically because that is not the primary goal of a blog; it will have a positive long-term impact.

The traffic that reaches the blog is not qualified. It is considered cold traffic that arrives to find out about a specific topic.

And although the blog does not directly generate sales in your eCommerce, it will help you generate engagement.

If the users that reach your website discover that you are the best, the one who knows the most, knows or understands about a product or service; they are more likely to buy from you at a certain time.

3 # Take advantage of all the sales channels you can

If you know deeply your target audience, it will be easy for you to determine how they communicate, which sites they frequent on the internet, among others, to choose those sales channels through which you can impact them.

It is not about being in all the sales channels that exist or that you can think of, it is about being in those in which your audience is and engage them with the best message for them.

Techniques to increase sales in the online field

Many of these techniques to increase sales in eCommerce are free or have very affordable costs.

✭ Natural positioning of online stores

With SEO positioning you will increase visits to your website. The more visits you have and the higher the quality, you will increase your sales.

This is the star technique that we use with many of the small and large eCommerce that come to us wanting to boost their business.

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✭ E-Mail Marketing

Many times, increasing the sales of your online store only means reminding your target audience how good your product or service is and how ideal it is to solve a specific problem that they have.

And, that’s when Mother’s Day is a big problem for many people who want to make the best and most original gift to our mothers that day.

Take advantage of it and sell me something that will solve my problem!

Remind them of your products and make an offer to users who have already bought in your virtual store or those who have subscribed to your newsletter. It is one of the best actions to improve sales in eCommerce!

✭ Advertising on Google AdWords

One of the actions to increase the most efficient eCommerce sales.

SEM allows your website to pop up in front of users’ eyes on Google when they search for specific keywords that you want to compete for and that usually are related to what you sell.

SEM is able to increase your store visibility and conversions as a consequence.

And if you know what it is and how it works, and you have also tried to run your own campaigns, but they have not had good results, contact us!

✭ Advertising on Social Networks

If you use it wisely, social networks can not only help you increase customers, they will also help you consolidate your brand, communicate with your target audience, and receive all kinds of very valuable feedback to improve your product or service.

As a well-managed business tool, social media will help you increase your eCommerce sales.

An example of e-commerce that handles this very well is Volvo. In 2013 Volvo Trucks ran an epic campaign to advertise its trucks using its YouTube channel. A 1:17 min video where Jean-Claude Van Damme appears doing his famous Split between two trucks that also go in reverse.

It sounds crazy, but the video is even more. What if they increased sales? You can’t imagine how much.

In addition to advertising, you can take advantage of the organic content that users generate to enhance your brand and this, in turn, has a positive impact on sales.

Can you imagine how many sales Supreme is generating with the viral video about the improvised “changing room” that a boy uploaded to his Facebook account?

4 # Traditional sales strategy based on discounts and offers

Many times, it is not necessary to invent anything new. This marketing is under study and some traditional techniques continue to work very well.

- Offers and discounts

Well done, this action usually works very well to generate higher sales in eCommerce.

Establish key dates, the most profitable products and carry out actions in an orderly manner.

- Sense of urgency

A very old technique but it is very effective. Commonly used to help dispel the doubts of the most indecisive buyers.

5 # Competition

Watch out for the competition. Knowing the actions they are taking can help you in your strategy to improve and increase sales.

If these actions are working for them, why not implement them in your business?

6 # Product or service improvement

A strategy to increase the sales of your eCommerce that usually works, especially in the case of recently created businesses, is to make changes and improvements to the product.

This can happen from the improvement of the packaging to more profound changes according to the client and the market.

7 # Happy customer testimonials

And although there will also be negative reviews, which you will save to improve your product or service; Happy customer testimonials have always been a good eCommerce sales strategy.

Showing potential customers how happy your current customers are will improve web sales and strengthen your brand image.

8 # User-focused strategy

The first thing is to listen to the users. They will tell you what it takes to improve.

If you want to increase the sales of your eCommerce, focus on the Buyer Journey to improve the experience of your user throughout the sales funnel process.

- Actions to increase sales that work:

✭ Sale of complementary products. You will increase the sales of your eCommerce without the need to attract new customers. Find products that pair well with your main product and try to sell them to your current customers.

✭ Review the cost of shipping your product, offer a variety of possibilities to collect or deliver a product, improve the returns option, review the payment options to adapt to the needs of your client, etc.

9 # offline strategies

If online sales are not working well, it would be appropriate to develop, if you do not already have it, a parallel strategy to the online one that focuses on offline aspects.

Here are some interesting things to include in your offline sales action plan.

Attend fairs, congresses, and events

If you are sure that you have an excellent product or service, encouraging word of mouth will have an impact on your Internet sales.

Improve your sales technique in a physical store

This sales channel is very important. Providing excellent customer service, encouraging the customer to give you their opinion about the service provided and the product/service they have purchased, store location, organization, environment design, product layout, etc., is crucial to attract customers and convince them that your product or service is the best. And, once tested, they are ready to continue shopping online on your website!

10 # The worst online sales strategy

Many online stores choose, as a sales strategy, to compete on price. And although some eCommerce can afford it, it is not the most recommended.

Do not base your strategy on reducing prices or decreasing stock, design a sales strategy based on the value of your product or service.

With this approach, you can offer your customers an excellent product or service for which they will be willing to pay.

Why buy from you if the one next door sells something the same and cheaper? Well, that added value!

And for you, what sales strategies have worked for you in eCommerce? Leave us your comments!

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