Manyela Calderon

Manyela Calderon

Hello everyone! I’m María, the Social Media Marketing Expert at SM Agency, and if there’s one thing that’s had me glued to the screen lately, it’s TikTok! Who would have thought that these short, catchy videos would become a revolution in the world of digital marketing? But here we are, and let me tell you, if you’re not yet considering TikTok in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a world full of opportunities! Join me on this journey as we explore how this vibrant and energetic platform can completely transform our digital marketing strategies. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Digital Marketing on TikTok together!


digital marketing on TikTok


Digital Marketing Tiktok Followers

Gaining followers on TikTok requires a mix of creativity, consistency, and staying in tune with current trends. All this without losing sight of the main goal of your TikTok marketing campaign. Here, courtesy of Serendipity Digital Marketing, I present a detailed strategy to grow your follower base on this platform:


Understand Your Audience:

  • Research: Before starting, research and define your target audience. What are their ages? Interests? What kind of content do they consume? Understanding this is key to growing your TikTok followers.

Create Original and Authentic Content:

  • Be yourself: TikTok values authenticity. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Let your content and your identity set you apart from potential competitors.
  • Quality over quantity: While consistency is important, it’s crucial that each video is of high quality and provides value. It should be shareable, thought-provoking, and spark conversation.

Leverage Trends:

  • Use popular hashtags: But ensure they relate to your video.
  • Participate in challenges: Viral challenges are a great way to showcase your brand and reach a wider audience.

Collaborate with Other TikTokers:

  • Duets and collaborations: Work with other creators who have an audience similar or complementary to yours. Contrary to what you might think, these collaborations will only help your audience grow.

Optimise Your Profile:

  • Profile picture and bio: Ensure your profile picture is clear and professional, and that your bio clearly explains who you are or what your brand does.
  • Link to other networks: TikTok allows you to add links to Instagram and YouTube. Use this to drive traffic to your other platforms.

Create Educational or Valuable Content:

  • Tutorials, tips, tricks: People love to learn something new or get value from the videos they watch.

Be Consistent:

  • Set a posting schedule: Whether you post daily or several times a week, consistency is key to retaining and gaining followers.

Use Trending Songs:

  • Stay updated with viral songs: Music is an essential part of TikTok, and using popular songs can boost the visibility of your videos.

What type of audience is on Tik Tok?

TikTok has seen explosive growth since its launch and has attracted a wide variety of users. Below, I provide a detailed description of the type of audience found on TikTok, based on data up to September 2021:

digital marketing on TikTok


It’s important to note that while these statistics provide an overview of TikTok’s audience up to 2021, the dynamic nature of social media platforms means that user demographics and behaviour can change over time.

It’s always good practice to check the latest statistics or use platform-specific analytics tools to get updated insights. This ensures efficient work that truly achieves its purpose.

The most important thing you should know

If you’ve read this far, you might be thinking, “wow, that’s a lot of work”, and I won’t lie, like any venture, social media requires dedication, time, and effort. That’s why, at Serendipity Digital Marketing, we want to offer you specialised help. Our team of professionals are experts dedicated to understanding and managing all the secrets of success on social networks. And clearly, to make your job easier. If you’re looking to succeed on TikTok in digital marketing, don’t hesitate, Serendipity is your best ally. Make a proposal now and get in touch with us.


We hope to have been of help to you. And if you want to continue learning with us, we invite you to follow our Serendipity Digital Marketing Blog page, where you will always receive valuable information about the world of networks. With that, we say goodbye, see you next time!

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