Description of the project

Improve and optimise their website to make it more user-friendly, professional, and persuasive. Create a persuasive and engaging landing page for each product with compelling copy, images, and techniques to generate a strong positive impact on users for a higher conversion rate on the website and Amazon. Develop, implement, and automatise a system for higher organic traffic to the web pages through SEO in support of their activities on social media and magazines.

fashion retail business


  • Create a professional website reflecting the brand values
  • Increase qualified traffic to the website and Amazon Account
  • Create a good website experience for higher retention and conversions
  • Utilise techniques to catch users’ attention and connect with them


We created and implemented a bespoke digital process for qualified traffic caption, higher web pages retention, and higher conversion rate through SEO, Web and Landing pages, and Amazon.

Step 1

Brand & Audience Analysis

This step is about analysing and identifying the brand strengths, values, and differential points to create a professional identity able to stand out.

This allows us to generate a strategy fully in line with what the business wants to transmit.

After this, we got to analyse their audience, identifying that group of people who is responsive the most to the brand and product – meaning the best niche to target for higher results. We used our customer-centric methodology to uncover their ideal customers’ internal engagement and purchase motivations, alongside their interests and online behaviour.

In the following step, we used the data collected in the previous one to plan the best purchase journey to attract a higher volume of qualified traffic and generate a higher conversion rate. Each page and platform used had a specific goal to retain and drive people along this journey.

Step 2

Strategy creation

Step 3

Website Optimisation and Book Landing Page Creation

We optimised the website layout, copy, and images to make it more professional and in line with the brand values. We made it user-friendly and responsive on any digital device. We created a landing page for each product listed using psychological techniques able to positively impact the users for higher retention and conversion rate. We also linked the website to the Amazon page where the products are listed as well giving them the choice to make a purchase in the way they prefer the most.

Having a great website is not enough if it doesn’t rank on Google when people search for keywords related to it. It is like having something amazing that no one else can see. We analyse the best keywords that qualified profiles use to find solutions similar to the product or service that our clients offer and implement them in the web pages. We optimise the website performance – speed, loading, set up – to make it more appealing in the eyes of Google and the other Search Engines. We create monthly web content to attract more qualified traffic and reach the first results page as soon as possible.

Step 4

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Higher Qualified Traffic Volume


Monthly Traffic


Growth generated in 3 months SEO and web optimisation

Product Units Sold in 24h


Reached #1 Best Seller Solution on Amazon


Following our work, the website traffic rapidly increased alongside the number of users navigating landing pages and clicking on the purchase call to action getting a +24% conversion rate. Their top product also reached the Best Seller List on Amazon and the Amazon Choice Badge.

SEO is a long-term business decision (3-12 months). The core benefit of it is building up the website authority and qualified traffic to the web pages. Which ultimately need to be fed with content on the web pages that make a positive impact on users, influencing their buying decisions for higher retention and conversion rates.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. This case study is one great example of how we are able to help businesses in SEO and building persuasive websites and landing pages. With our services, our client was able to boost their visibility, retain viewers, and become a Best Seller for your products!

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