Company Overview

Escuela Yeyeco is a holistic therapy school accredited by the Spanish government that is training more than 200 students every year in natural therapeutic techniques. Their lessons are both digital and presential, and they are the only private school in Spain certifying the students to work as a therapist in the country.


Description of the project

We started working with them in 2020 when they wanted to run a campaign through email marketing and website to increase their community interaction and attendance to events and courses, with particular focus on the Holistic Naturopathy course which has 3 years duration.

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Increase emails open rate and response to monthly newsletters

Increase traffic to the website and lead magnet downloads

Increase the Holistic Naturopathy course conversion rate


We created more persuasive and engaging newsletters and optimised their website and landing pages for higher users retention and conversion rate. We included in the strategy a free document that almost the whole audience and new users download at some point, using it as a lead magnet – meaning as a free offer to generate qualified leads. We then created a sales funnel through an automatic email drip following the download of this document for higher leads conversion into clients.

Step 1

Brand & Audience Analysis

In this step, we take the time to deeply study our client’s brand to find their strengths and differential points. We also analyse the audience and identify the best way to target them for a great positive impact at any stage of the funnel. To do so, we used our unique customer-centred methodology to reveal the audience’s internal engagement and purchase motivations, alongside their interests and behaviour.

At this point, we used the data collected in the previous one to plan the best strategy to increase their audience interest and engagement and the following steps for a successful buyer’s journey. Each email, newsletter, and web page used had a specific goal to retain and drive people along this journey.

Step 2

Strategy creation

Step 3

Website Optimisation and Landing Pages Creation

We optimised the website layout, copy, and images to make it more engaging and in line with the brand values. We made it user-friendly and responsive on any digital device. We created a landing page for the naturopathy course and one for a free document used as a lead magnet, using psychological techniques able to positively impact the users for higher retention and conversion rate.

We created an automatic email drip triggered by the free document download. It was a 4-email sequence where each email had the goal to provide valuable information and drive users to be more receptive to the final special offer. We also created weekly newsletters to keep the audience interested and engaged with the topics and to set the Yeyeco brand as a trustworthy authority in the natural therapy area.

Step 4

Email drip & Newsletters creation


Conversion Rate


Conversions Generated

48 new students signed up

vs 13 of the year before




Escuela Yeyeco came to us to make their existing audience more receptive and help them capture more leads through a more effective process. They got an incredible email click-through rate growth (+38%) straight after adopting different strategies in their newsletters and improved their leads caption by 367% and conversion rate by +390%.
The course Holistic Naturopathy had 13 attendees in 2019, while in 2020, after our campaign, it had 48 new students. This campaign was all organic without any paid ads work.

Since 2021, after the great results with the first campaign, Escuela Yeyeco is relying on us to run their whole digital marketing across social media and the website. All with the goal of increasing their brand awareness, driving this time new people to join their community, and getting new students from the new audience.

We are helping them to achieve these goals through:

  • Website funnel and pages optimisation
  • New lead magnets creation
  • Email marketing optimisation and new email drips creation
  • Synergic strategies on social media for organic outreach.
  • Synergic ads strategy for wider outreach and retargeting


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Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. This case study is just one example of how we are able to help businesses.

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