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Company Overview

The UT Academy is the Serendipity Marketing Academy where our CEOs, Maria Lafuente Soria and Stefano Fracchiolla, teach entrepreneurs and marketers how to run effective digital marketing for a higher conversion rate. “The 5 Steps to (Dramatically) Increase Your Sales in 12 weeks” is an e-book rich in information about how to build a high converting digital sales funnel across multiple platforms and how to empower it with psychological techniques to make the right emotional impact on the target audience at any stage of the funnel.


Description of the project
Raise brand awareness and build a qualified community interested in learning how to run effective digital marketing. The UT Academy is in the “development stage”, and we have tested a campaign for the e-book to build up a community around it for future digital courses release. Test free lead magnet – the Business Accelerator Package – for lead caption and retargeting campaign supported by automatic email drip with a special offer.

Previous period min
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Increase outreach and brand awareness on social media
Increase qualified traffic from social media to the UT Academy web landing pages
Increase email database with a lead magnet.
E-commerce setup on the UT Academy website
Generate higher conversion rate on website


We created and implemented a bespoke digital process for qualified leads caption, higher web pages retention, and higher conversion rate through Social Media Ads, Persuasive Landing pages, and Automatic Email Drip.

Step 1

Market & Audience Analysis

This step is about analysing the best audience interested in the e-book topics to target and build a community around for future UT Academy products – meaning the best niche to target for higher present and future results. We used our UTS Methodology to reveal their internal engagement and purchase motivations, alongside their interests and online behaviour.

In this step, we used the data collected in the previous one to plan the best buyer journey to target, engage, and retain a higher volume of qualified traffic. Each campaign, landing page, and email created had a specific goal to retain and drive people along this journey for a higher conversion rate.

Step 2

Strategy & Funnel Creation

Step 3

E-Book & Lead Magnet Landing Page Creation

We created persuasive landing pages using psychological techniques able to positively impact the users for higher retention and conversion rate through the funnel. We automated a 4-email drip with a special offer to support the ads retargeting campaigns following the caption of the leads. We also optimised the UT Academy for better responsivity on any digital device.

We worked with segmented audiences, targeting them with different Ads Campaigns specific for each one of them. We worked with a first outreach phase, followed by a retargeting one for those who went to the lead magnet landing page but didn’t get the free document, and another retargeting campaign to offer the e-book to those who downloaded the free document. We also supported the campaigns with social media content creation for higher organic outreach and retention.

Step 4

Ads Campaigns Creation and Optimisation


Traffic generated


Users through organic and paid strategies

Copies sold


Through 6 months social media and ads campaign



Return on Marketing Investment


We wanted to find the right audience to build our community around for future UT Academy products. An audience interested in the topics we speak about and that is ready to work on their marketing by getting the free lead magnet and the e-book. We got an impressive 18% conversion rate of leads into e-book buyers, following a 12% conversion rate of users into leads. This got translated into +50,000 e-book copies sold in around 6 months. All through effective targeting and ads funnel.

Social Media Ads is all about targeting the right people and segmenting the audience creating specific campaigns for each group, alongside having persuasive landing pages able to generate a positive impact for higher retention and conversion rate. It’s hard nowadays for people to buy a product or a service straight away after seeing an ad from a brand that they don’t know. The campaign needs to be structured to first make the audience know your brand, raising awareness and trust, to, only afterwards, make a valuable offer.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. This case study is one great example of how we are able to help businesses in digital marketing.

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