Goal Outreach


23.672 vs 202

Goal Impact Rate


9174 vs 89

Goal Conversion Rate


from web page landings


“The 5 Steps to (Dramatically) Increase Your Sales in 12 weeks” is an e-book that we have launched as part of a secondary side of our business – the UT Academy.

The Academy is in “development stage” and we have tested a campaign with the e-book and a free lead magnet – the Business Accelerator Package – with the goal of starting building up a community around it for future digital courses release.

Web insights



🔲 Increase outreach and brand awareness on social media.

🔲 Increase traffic from social media to website academy landing pages.

🔲 Increase email database for the academy with a lead magnet.

🔲 Set up e-commerce on the website.

🔲 Get a good conversion rate on website e-commerce.


🔲 Website optimisation for higher responsive on any digital device.

🔲 Lead magnet and E-book landing pages with techniques to positively impact the audience and drive them to keep us in mind and convert.

🔲 Social media content for higher organic outreach, retention, and conversion.

🔲 Social media ads campaign for higher outreach, retention, and conversion.

🔲 Email drip sequence triggered after downloading lead magnet to increase brand awareness and conversion rate.


🔲 Audience driving emotions for positive impact: risk avoidance, stability, security, anxiety, authority, comfort, performance, pride, scarcity.

🔲 Emotions to avoid: novelty, unicity, insecurity, powerlessness.


🟢 The images show some of the insights into the campaign performance and how our social media accounts have grown over the 2 month period we run the campaign.

This got translated in +28% leads caption and +15% e-book conversion rate.

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