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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

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Brand perception for Tarek Haddad was at the forefront of all content created! Through managing their global campaigns, community management and content creation we were able to create a distinct tone of voice, with our Ad Agency Social Media.

Our goal is to reach exceptional levels of client satisfaction, no matter your goals. If your social media strategy just isn’t getting the attention that you need to grow, then we’ll make it our mission to see you succeed. From understanding your current resources and setting up a scheduling platform that works for your team, to creating assets that shine above the rest. No matter the industry, target audience, or service, we’re passionate about getting businesses noticed on social media.

A consultant dedicated to your project will work on an integrated strategy, manage your campaigns daily and prepare detailed reports to monitor performance and ROI. We work in the management of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin pages, editorial strategy and community management. At Serendipity Marketing, we’re all about clear communication and measurable results.

Attracting them back into something that they already had an interest in. Budget – Here, a social media agency in London will tell Facebook how much you are willing to spend during the campaign. As an established social marketing company, find out how we can help you with maximising the power of social video content.

Our Serendipity Marketing team of experts will research into what the best time your audience are active, where they are and what days of the week. Our thorough social media marketing audit will look at every element of your current social media status and this will make the foundation of our content creation phase. If you don’t have any social media accounts, not to worry this is the perfect blank canvas we need.

  • If you have a big call to action, such as a lead for a £50,000 deal, you’re going to want to have quite a lot of budget.
  • Platforms such as Facebook boost your visibility and give your company a personality instead of being just another faceless corporate entity, it also allows you to target a specific demographic with paid ads.
  • Our training and consultancy services are a flexible option for brands looking to upskill within their team with the added value of agency expertise. 


How much should you invest in Digital Marketing?

Our hands-on count with international experience to give the maximum to our global clients.

Each time you reach your goals, we’ll create new ones designed to grow your brand awareness, increase your reach and drive your sales. We develop tailored social media marketing strategies, by targeting specific buyer personas and stages in the customer journey, to break through the noise and reach your most valuable customers in their natural habitats. Our strategies combine organic and paid social media promotion, along with ongoing community management to ensure you are taking the utmost care of your social media customer experience. That’s why we deliver training sessions that’ll turn you into a social media superstar, with a core understanding of what makes your audience tick and how best to engage them. We’re always there when you need us though, whether it’s to deliver a targeted advertising campaign or take back the wheel in times of crisis.

We believe that social media marketing is about looking at the bigger picture. It’s easy to get bogged down in vanity metrics and what your competitors are doing, but ultimately it’s about what works best for your business on a budget you can afford. Social media is integral to building a brand in the digital-first world we live in. You know that but maybe you’re not quite seeing the results you were expecting? We use our up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing platforms, our expertise in storytelling and our understanding of human behaviour and psychology to get your brand in front of the people who will love it straight away. From logo design and brand guidelines to creating and developing ideas for advertising or promotional campaigns, we’ll work closely with your business to capture your vision.

Our development team adopt a social state of mind whilst producing innovative ways for us to capture and engage with your fans. Facebook apps, social landing pages, data collection, video production and augmented reality apps are just a selection of exciting concepts that we can produce.

Under the bonnet of the most successful and spontaneous exponents of social media invariably lies a carefully crafted strategy. From Instagram to Pinterest, Twitter to Facebook, our team can link with yours to develop social media content and marketing campaigns on a basis to suit you. Perhaps a 6-month kick starts to get you motoring or we could do it with you or for you if you prefer to focus elsewhere. Our creative campaigns can promote a product launch with incredible reach. By managing your social media networks in this way, we can grow awareness more effectively, drive more traffic to your site and create better relationships with your customers. Providing efficient community management and customer service on social media will improve customer retention and engagement rates, and will help with reputation management.

Social media marketing uses big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest to communicate with your target market. A staggering estimated 45% of the UK population regularly used social media in 2020. When you think about how many users you can potentially reach, overlooking social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy is absurd. Our team of social media and digital marketing experts craft strategic social media strategies that don’t just deliver vanity metrics but focus on helping you reach your business goals while continually demonstrating ROI. As a full-service digital marketing agency in London, we fuse the magic of your social media channels to make fireworks, harnessing insights and data from everywhere to enhance performance.

Businesses are looking for ways to pass their message through mainstream entertainment. The combination with advertising shifts the focus from product to content, aligning brand culture to a target audience. When executed correctly social media marketing results in a significant increase in brand engagement. Social media marketing creates relationships with your business’s audience, leading to long-term brand loyalty, moving from product-centered branding to people-centered branding.


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