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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Are you looking to increase your revenues but still don’t know exactly how you could it?

It is not easy to get it right and find the key strategy that will make you sell much more and revolutionise your business.

They say that the more you empathise with your ideal customers and the more efficient your sales strategy becomes.

In this article, I want to walk you through the best sales tricks. These techniques are the ones that even the most sceptical person among your target audience won’t be able to resist!

So, the sales process can be very simple but it can also get quite complicated. It all comes from knowing very well what you offer and how to present your product or service to your target audience, finding the right person to whom you intend to present it, and even knowing how this person is, what their challenges and problems are, and even deeper what their driving emotions and behavioural patterns are.

Whatever business you have, knowing a few tricks to sell more to keep up your sleeve will help you with this process.

So, it is now time to show you these powerful techniques and see how you can implement them into your sales process.


1. Details Are Essential


As per most of the efficient processes, the little details are what really make the difference.

On many occasions, businesses become so focused on selling and persuading new customers that they can fall into the old habit of sharing very long messages and emails, or – in case it’s face to face – talking too much.

The truth is that people care about your products or services until a certain point. What they really care about is how your products or services can help them with the problems and needs they have.


How can you help your ideal customers to have easier lives?

What are your potential clients looking to achieve?

And how can you help them to get that?


Make it more about them and less about your offer.


Your products or services have to be offered as the natural solution to what your target audience wants to achieve. Whether they are facing issues that want to overcome or they are moved by desire, show them that you can help them with their goals.

This is how you will be engaging a higher percentage of them.

At this point then? At this point, you will show them how you can help them – which is through your products or services.

So, summarize the important information and make it the first thing you approach your target audience with, or the main topics to share with your marketing communication.

Get ahead of what the client may ask you and give it to them before they can ask you.

This comes from firstly getting to know your ideal clients at a deep level. The more you know them, the easier making it about them and making them feel identified with your message become. Learn how to make a detailed audience analysis, uncovering hidden emotions and behavioural patterns, reading our full guide: All About Audience Analysis.


2. Play with urgency and scarcity


Urgency and scarcity are psychological techniques that get often used in marketing campaigns.

These two principles get used in neuromarketing to push your target audience to finalise the purchase at the moment. They basically create the feeling of “if you are not going to buy this now, you might not be able to do it later on.”

This approach stimulates the fear of not being able to get the desired offer if the target audience doesn’t take action in a very short time.

These two techniques are then very effective for those groups of people who are moved from the anxiety of achieving the goal that your offer is ideally helping them to reach in the shortest period of time.


Urgency is the tendency to give priority to those things that we perceive have an earlier expiry date.

Urgency can be used, for example, by creating a limited time discount. If you create an offer that lasts only 24 hours, many more people will decide to buy or take advantage of your services for fear that they will not be able to find an equal offer again.


Scarcity is the tendency to place a higher value on an object that is scarce or rare, and a lower value on one that is available in abundance.

The fewer products available, the more quality or importance will be attributed to them. This is one of the most used tricks to sell clothes, especially in e-commerce and online businesses.


These techniques work very well, but mainly on those audiences whose driving emotions are fear of missing out and anxiety of achieving their goals in the quickest possible time, or similar ones.


Is your target audience moved by these driving emotions?

Or is it best to use different psychological techniques to impact your ideal clients as they have different driving emotions?


As per above, it all comes from getting to know your target audience at a deeper level, uncovering hidden driving emotions and behavioural patterns.

Empathy is the real secret to make others comfortable and trust you and your business. And emotions are the most empathic connection.


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3. The best marketing and sales technique: Generate emotions


Purchasing is an emotional behaviour. People mainly buy when they get their subconscious driving emotions pleased, as these lead them to interact with the business and finalise the purchase.

The more you know your target audience at an intimate and emotional level, the more you can empathise with them and increase your sales.

Are your potential customers looking to fix a problem they have? Or do they have the desire to achieve a specific goal?

And how do they feel when they face that specific problem? Why do they need to fix it right now?

How do they feel when desiring to achieve their goals? Why do they want to achieve exactly those specific goals?

It is important that you awaken emotions in your clients. And overall, it is crucial that you awaken the ones that will drive them to trust your business and make purchases.

Of course, stimulating the wrong driving emotions will lower your conversion rate as, instead of moving them towards your business, those emotions will make them bounce back.

Once again – I know that I said it already – it all comes from getting to know your target audience at a deeper and emotional level.

This is it! There are no magic secrets…

People too often look for short-cuts. But that’s just a temporary solution…it doesn’t help in the long run!

Empathy is what makes the real difference.

Illusion them, be their partner, treat them with tact, closeness, or respect depending on their driving emotions and personality.

This is how your ideal customers will feel more identifies and understood. This is how they will be moved to trust you and your business.

Get to know deeply your target audience, and run empathic digital marketing campaigns.

This will allow you to create a much stronger bond with your audience. It is the very first step for long-lasting relationships.


4. Social proof, another efficient psychological technique to sell more


This sales technique is one of the oldest and best known to all.

All the main big established companies use this technique in their marketing communication and sales.

This is one of the key points for them to keep their high standards in terms of revenues and ROI.

Social Proof is the tendency to adopt the beliefs of actions of a group of people we like or trust.

That’s basically the “me too” effect.

Bear in mind, this desire to conform keeps staying even in the adult age and, depending on the category of people, gets associated with different activities.

Making a decision will always be easier for us if we know what other people would have done.

Social proof is an effective strategy to know, especially if you want to grow your business, and your target audience tends to follow what other people are doing already.

You can use phrases such as: “We already have companies in your sector that are very happy with us” or “Look, this is the list of clients in your industry that we work with.”

Or also, you will want to show testimonials and 5-star reviews from previous clients on your website, landing pages, and social media pages.

This is a very powerful technique to proof, not only how you can help your ideal customers but also that what you offer will work for them as it did with others.

Social Proof is very effective in order to create in your target audience’s mind the belief that you can truly help them, making them feel comfortable with the choice of your business as the one to fix their problems with.


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5. When a customer contacts you, apply empathy


Often, when getting traffic to your pages and engaging your target audience, some of them may decide to contact you before finalising the purchase.

The percentage of people contacting a business before buying depends on the products or services and their pricing.

When a potential customer contacts you, it means that they are engaged and interested in what you offer. They just need to feel the comfort that only a proper conversation is able to give before deciding to buy.

Just don’t mistake that being the customer engaged you can forget about what we have covered so far.

Potential clients that contact a business are looking for more reassurance that they are the right ones for them.

Therefore, once again, empathise with them.

Whether it is via email, message, or phone call, place them at the centre of the conversation, and apply empathy.

Speak with them in terms of the benefits that they will achieve after purchasing your products or services. Stimulate the right driving emotions and please them with your offer.

This is the greatest opportunity for you to make them see that you really care and that they are not just a number for you.

This will give you an open and personal image, in addition to getting much closer to your potential client and make the first step towards a long-lasting relationship.


How can you get help to create and run empathic marketing campaigns able to convert more?

Serendipity Marketing is a leading full-service digital marketing agency London, delivering services internationally in English, Spanish, and Italian languages.

Our unique methodology – the Ultimate Triumph System – thanks to the mix of marketing strategies with psychology science, allows us to uncover your target audience deeply hidden driving emotions and behavioural patterns, creating and running empathic digital marketing for your business.

This is what makes Serendipity Marketing the digital marketing agency Londonable to help your business to increase its visibility and sales.

So, if you need help, decide to rely on an expert internet marketing agency Londonthat makes psychology science and empathy their own strengths.


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