The Ultimate Triumph System is a set of strategies and principles mixed together to constitute the Methodology that is at the base of how Serendipity Marketing works.

It’s based on the best Marketing Strategies proven as efficient in every industry; Human Psychology Principles to engage more with your audience and take them to buy from you; and Mindset Principles to become the best version of yourself your business needs.

We have personally conducted tests and studies, increasing other businesses’ revenues, and understanding what works in any market and what doesn’t.


Studied and proven as working in any industry.

Strategies that are milestones in marketing which no matters how the economy changes, will be effective in multiple future years’ time.

The same Strategies that have created some of the most successful business empires on the planet.


To get to know your audience on an even deeper level and empower your message.

To set you up as the main authority in your industry that your audience can truly and fully trust creating long-lasting relationships with them.

To make your audience to want to buy from you.


To become the best version of yourself that your business needs in order to get to the next level.

No matter if it’s because you need to be consistent with all the work, or if you need to be a great leader, developing a stronger Mindset is the key!

The business’ success depends on the business owner and team’s Mindset.

Purchasing is mainly emotional, and everyone buys most likely something that unconsciously they feel able to please their emotions.

Without efficient marketing, your offer is not going to sell itself alone, even if you have the best product or service to offer.

Getting to know your clients’ psychology, emotions, and behaviour will empower your message, engaging them not only rationally but also unconsciously at a deeper and more intimate level.

This is the key to increasing the number of quality leads and loyal customers.

With the UTS, thanks to the mixture of marketing and psychology, nothing gets left on the table. Following this methodology, we will drive you to get to know your audience to a deeper level, empowering your message and making it more engaging for them. This will lead your marketing to maximise its performance and return on investment.

This Methodology is for businesses and professionals who want:
To start their own business
To build their marketing on a solid basis
To scale their online presence
To increase engagement on your social media platforms
To stand out from the competition
To launch a new product or service
To maximise their Return On Investment
To take the business to the next level
To build up presence abroad
To market in different countries

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You will stop walking in the dark, testing and trying to find the best way for your marketing to be truly efficient. You will stop hoping to get the maximum return on your investments. We studied and tested all of this for you already! And we now want to share it with you!


What others say about the Ultimate Triumph System?


Mia Acton

I have gone through different marketing plans and systems. I have made wrong campaigns and I wasted some money throughout the years. However, since I have been working with this agency I have discovered a new method and I feel like everything I invest in my marketing is going to convert into brand new clients generating a massive improvement in the profit. I truly recommend everyone to work with them!


Alex Payton

I am truly happy with what my business has been achieving thanks to Serendipity Marketing and its system. The team is great and the 2 founders are close to the agency and make me feel fully supported. I could never imagine how digital marketing could make such a massive difference. My business is growing more and more and I cannot wait to see the results in the next few months. Completely worth the investment if you let them manage your marketing.


Luke Oakes

If you are looking for the right marketing plan for your business these guys are rock stars! Since I met them I have been seeing my business rising and shining as I could only imagine in my deepest dreams. I could see the difference since the very first campaign using their system and now I am ready to get more. Fully recommended!


Oliver Darby

I needed a website for my business. I don’t have any knowledge about marketing and I got recommended to contact this agency. I got impressed by the competence of these guys and interested in the system they follow. They did not only made the perfect website for my shop, but they showed me how I could get the most out of my online marketing. Month by month we are planning different goals and as my business grows we develop the marketing. I am so excited about seeing my business evolving and growing at levels that I couldn’t even imagine. Truly happy to work side by side with these guys.


Eleanor Holton

I spent years finding the right agency for my business. Investments in campaigns that did not get good results and I was starting almost losing my hope to take my business to higher levels until I found Serendipity Marketing. I felt straight away that they were something different. Their system is simple and covers aspects that other agencies wouldn’t consider. Their team is competent and focused, and I have felt like I wanted to try with them. The best choice I could ever make. My hope has now become a certainty, and we are now ready to set and get higher goals for my business. If you want to take your business to a high level, these guys are going to take you there. You won’t regret it!

Your success is Our success

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This E-book is for who want:
– To start selling online
– To build their marketing on a solid basis
– To scale their online presence
– To stand out from the competition
– To maximise their Return On Investment
– To take the business to the next level

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warning-serendipity-marketingWARNING: Before you claim your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session, you must understand that this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long term success. Getting the most out of the Ultimate Triumph System requires hard work, commitment, and dedication. If you’re not ready, please don’t waste our time. But if you are ready to make your business take off for long term and growing success, contact us and book your FREE 30 minute Strategy Session now.