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Escuela Yeyeco is a holistic school, accredited by government bodies, that is training more than 200 students yearly in natural therapeutic techniques. Their lessons are both digital and presential and it’s the only private school in Spain giving the certificate allowing to work as a therapist in the country.

We have created and run a strategy to maximise their social media efforts to outreach a wider and qualitative audience, retain them, and leading them to contact them.

We also prepared a digital sales funnel across website and social media pages with the push of Ads campaign prepared specifically to generate qualitative leads at low cost, warm them, and convert them.


Social media management is a long-term business decision (6-12 months). The core benefit of social media management is building up awareness and engagement. Which ultimately builds strong relationships with fans which influence their buying decisions.

Of course, we recommend hiring us if you want to use an experienced team with a proven strategy that works. With our SMM services, your company is able to boost their social media followers and generated thousands of leads!.

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