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Company Overview

Kangen Water® is alkaline water produced by Enagic’s alkaline ionizer and water filtration machines. This brand was launched in Japan more than 40 years ago and grew to become a global leading business in the industry. We got approached by a branch based in Toronto, Ontario, for the realisation of a web landing page and leads caption process automation.


Description of the project

Improve leads caption through a persuasive landing page. Develop and implement, and automatise a digital marketing process to capture qualified leads and increase their conversion rate.


We started by studying their target audience, identifying their problems, behaviour, and internal motivations related to their business industry, using our UTS© Methodology. We used this data to create a landing page able to touch the right spots for higher engagement and retention, driving users down the page and taking action.

We used

  • Persuasive copywriting,
  • Simple yet attractive layout,
  • Psychological techniques along the page to generate a strong positive impact and induce users to enter the funnel.


We also

  • Made the page fully responsive on any device,
  • Automated the leads caption process, making everything absolutely automatic and helping the conversion process as a consequence.


Alkaline Ionizer Technology




Landing Page Creation

Process Automation



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