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Set up solid basis for business growth and develop the right marketing strategy to establish your brand and grow your sales

Trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs to deliver real results
Our expert internet marketing consultant in London will guide you in virtual sessions to design the right journey to increase your sales.

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The right support for SMEs and Startups

Marketing a business is not just as easy as making a post on social media and getting a queue of people ready to buy behind your door.

It’s all about creating a process to make people know your brand, perceive it as a trustworthy authority, and ultimately decide to become clients. It’s a journey.

And without knowledge, it can be like a jump in the dark - trying things, not knowing exactly how to do them and the why of each action.

You might get to feel frustrated and sometimes even insecure about your product or service.

You just need someone with experience to grab your hand and guide you through the process.

Our internet marketing consultant will be with you, helping you solve any questions or doubts, not just during the sessions but also in between sessions, so that you’ll never feel alone.

What will you get by working with our Internet Marketing Consultant?

Solve the weak points

Our knowledge and experience at your service so that you can finally detect what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Create an omnichannel plan

Integrating campaigns into multi-channel sales funnels. Because to get results off the ground, it is essential that each action is part of a global master plan.

Boost your value proposition

Strengthening your competitive advantages so that your potential clients are convinced that you are their best option.

Work with methodology

Optimizing processes, tools and technologies to work effectively. Achieving better results with less time and effort using our proven methodology (UTS ©).

Boost your digital presence

Improving the perception of your brand, its visibility, and the online experience of your customers from the first impact to the sale to the customer satisfaction.

Ongoing Support

Support in between sessions as well so that whenever you have any questions or doubts, you can contact us and we’ll help you solve them without waiting for the following session

Our internet marketing consultants guide entrepreneurs to make the right steps for higher brand awareness and sales

The best expertise at your service to get your brand off the ground

All the consulting sessions will be with Maria Lafuente Soria and Stefano Fracchiolla, our CEOs

  • Serial entrepreneurs with +10 years experience.
  • Created innovative methodology – the UTS – that gets to empower marketing strategies with psychology science for higher results. 
  • Thanks to their UTS, they managed to expand the Serendipity Marketing brand in 1 year to be working in three different continents – Europe, America, and Asia – delivering services in 3 different languages: English, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Authors of the eBook “The 5 Steps to Dramatically Increase Your Sales” that got +50K copies sold with the first 2 editions.
  • Featured in Forbes, Disrupt, and other magazines to share their knowledge about business and marketing.
  • Consulting hundreds of entrepreneurs from startups to influencers and estabilished businesses.
  • Led businesses in different industries to increase by 400% their conversions. 

This is a FREE call with us to identify if

this service is really for you.

What our clients say about our Internet Marketing Consultant Service

Hugo Gray


As a marketing executive, I know how important it is to deeply know how our target audience behaves when it comes to generating great results through digital marketing. Serendipity Marketing’s innovative methodology is supporting my team with understanding aspects of our audience that otherwise would have remained unknown, and the results are much higher than expected. Fully recommended!

I am creating my new project and just started working with Serendipity Marketing. They are the best at helping me to develop my marketing strategy and focus on my audience. But the greatest thing is I am much more motivated because I feel I am not alone in my new adventure :)

Beatriz G

CEO Translation Business

Gianluca Zin


I was struggling while running my business: too many things to do and too much information out there, I was very confused. They have helped me develop my business and they have been great guidance, in addition to a source of psychological motivation while in the down moments. Great agency and great people!

From Escuela Yeyeco, we are very thankful to Stefano and Maria. They are great professionals and they understand perfectly what we want to transmit to our audience.

José María Sánchez Navarro


Types of Internet Marketing Consultant Sessions

Usually 1 or 2 monthly sessions are enough to provide you with enough support along your business growth process. 

We can also create a bespoke program which will vary depending on the point A where you are starting and the point B where you want to get.

Get in touch with us today to speak with one of our internet marketing consultants and identify the best solution for you.

1 Session / month

1 Session / month

  • Recording of the session
  • Ongoing Support Included
  • Trello and WhatsApp



This is a FREE call with us to identify if this service is really for you.

2 Sessions / month

2 Sessions / month

  • Recording of the session
  • Ongoing Support Included
  • Trello and WhatsApp





This is a FREE call with us to identify if this service is really for you.


Add-on 1

You will have a space on Trello where there will be tracking tasks, we will analyse insights, sharing valuable resources for you to have the material that you need to achieve your goals.


Add-on 2

You will have access to a private WhatsApp group with Maria and Stefano to have regular conversations, and where you'll be able to ask questions. So you never feel alone!


With today’s high competition in almost every industry, with brands fighting for the same audiences offering similar solutions, digital marketing is getting even more difficult.

There is the need for something different to stand out and successfully enter the market.

Brands need a marketing strategy that is more personal and can empathise with users, creating relationships with future clients.

Our internet marketing consultants will also give you insights on users’ psychology for a more persuasive marketing strategy for higher results.

This way, you’ll have access to what makes established brands so successful, and you’ll be able to set up the right basis for your business success as well.

Our digital marketing consulting helps businesses develop and implement the right strategies for stable growth


You are one step away from growing your business

Book a call, without any commitment, to find out if this service is for you or not.


Will you send me the recording of the session?

Yes! We will send you the recording of the session after the video call, so you will be able to review it and analyse it as many times as you need.

How long is each session?

Each session is designed to last for 1- 1.5 hour. We don’t want to take extra time from you, we want to make it easy and straight to the point.

Will the sessions be online?

The sessions are all online. It doesn’t matter where you are or your time zone.

Can I get an invoice for this service?

Absolutely, let us know if you need an invoice and we will send it to you.