Your business is different than any other one.

It has its own identity and deserves to shine.

❌You don’t need great marketing skills to get some business, however, if you want to grow furthermore, you need to have a more solid basis.

Do you want more or better clients, but you don’t know how to get that?🤨
Getting more visibility, driving a higher percentage of potential clients to your business is not a coincidence.

✔️It’s time to increase your visibility and grow your business through efficient digital marketing.

✔️Stand out (NOW) from your competitors

✔️Achieve a stable and scalable business

✔️Reach a higher number of potential clients


You need a Guide.

Someone able to understand your business needs and ideal clients and find with you the best way for you to get there.

We offer you private consulting with the CEOs of Serendipity Marketing. A 60-minute online session where we will analyse your business situation and marketing organization. We will go straight to the point to then strategically plan all the steps that you will need to take to reach your goals.

Growing online is all about strategy and having the right guide

👉The number of competitors, professionals, and tools is increasing, and the strategies to get visibility and scale your business are constantly changing, at the speed of light!

❌It’s not enough to design a website, get leads through online advertising, send newsletters, and plan a social media calendar.

❌The solution isn’t to increase the amount of money that you invest or even to work extra hours.

✅To increase your visibility and (finally!) get the results that you want, is extremely necessary to have the right strategic plan implemented into your business.

It’s not what we say… IT’S WHAT THEY SAY!📣


Beatriz García

“I am creating my new project and just started working with Serendipity Marketing. They are the best at helping me to develop my marketing strategy and focus on my audience. But the greatest thing is I am much more motivated because I feel I am not alone in my new adventure :)”


Gianluca Zin

“I was struggling while running my business: too many things to do and too much information out there, I was very confused. They have helped me develop my business and they have been great guidance, in addition to a source of psychological motivation while in the down moments. Great agency and great people!”

How can we help you?

🔹Detect what’s not working and what solutions you need to implement.

🔹Discover new methods to increase your visibility and your sales.

✅Build loyalty with your current and future clients
✅Check what’s working and what’s not
✅Design specific funnels for your product or service
✅Implement automatic sales systems
✅Detect strong and weak points of your business
✅Design your marketing strategy
✅Facebook and Instagram Ads strategy
✅Professional segmentation of your ideal client

Online Marketing Consulting Session,

👌It’s for you if…

➡️If you have just started your own project or your own business and you are seeking for focus, help, and a guide to lead you through the first steps.

➡️If you have a solid business, but you need help to improve your current strategies.

➡️If you are about to start a new project that requires high investment in advertising, and you need help to define the new strategies to use.

➡️If you are a start-up just launched in the market, and you want to settle a solid base for your marketing strategies.

➡️If you need help with your project and to solve some questions related to social media, Facebook and Instagram ads, website creation, increase visibility, etc.

We can help you in any of those situations.

We just need you to commit to:

Being determined that this is the RIGHT moment to take action, and you don’t want to waste time💪

👇How are we going to do it?👇

STEP 1️⃣

Contact us📨

Fill in the form below with all the information about your business situation and what exactly you need.

We will analyse that, and let you know, in all honesty, if the consulting is what you need. We don’t want you to waste time or money.

If this is what you need, we go to the next step.

STEP 2️⃣

Book your online session🗓

We will send you a link for you to book the consultation.

This step is very important, as you will only be able to book a session with us once you have proceeded with the payment.

The consulting has a cost of £160. The value, we guarantee you, is even more!

STEP 3️⃣

Session and Recording🖥

An hour meeting with us is worth x3. We will analyse your business; we will focus on everything you need, and we will propose you effective marketing strategies for your business.

Our goal is that you can start your action plan immediately.

For you to have all the information and be able to go through what we have talked about in the meeting, we will send you a recorded session, so you can double-check it at any time.

If you are ready to achieve the results your business needs, TAKE ACTION and book your private consulting with us NOW