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The information shared in this e-book is truly helpful. Everything is easy to understand and all the strategies are effective and simple. If anyone thinks that what’s inside this book is not valuable is making a mistake. Fully recommended.

Andrew Fox

I came across this e-book as I was looking for new information to increase my marketing performance. This is not the first marketing e-book that I buy but what I found in this one has been making the real difference in my marketing. I have to say that knowing what’s inside it, I would buy it even if it was much more expensive. Thank you guys!

Elizabeth Nolan

Wow this book has completely blown my mind! I have been following the strategies described and I have been increasing my business performance at the point that I have left my office job and I am fully working on my business. Incredibly happy!

Matthew Fulton

"The 5 Steps to Dramatically Increase Your Sales"

Introducing "The 5 Steps to Dramatically Increase Your Sales" the ultimate guide to understanding and applying the principles of neuromarketing in your digital marketing campaigns.

This comprehensive ebook is packed with practical tips and techniques for using Neuromarketing to improve the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. From understanding consumer behavior at a deeper level, to creating more effective and engaging advertisements, this ebook will help you take your marketing efforts to the next level.

You'll learn about the different types of Neuromarketing techniques and how they can be used to understand consumer behavior. 

We'll also cover the benefits of Neuromarketing, such as increased return on investment, personalization, and brand building.

In addition, you'll discover how to use neuromarketing strategies to create more effective digital marketing campaigns, including targeted advertising, personalization, and neuro-linguistic programming.

Whether you're new to neuromarketing or have some experience with it, this ebook will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to apply the principles of neuromarketing to your digital marketing efforts and achieve better results.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

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Access to high-converting strategies described step-by-step that you will be able to implement in your business straight away without any additional help.


Powerful techniques to uncover your target audience purchase motivation and make your sales funnel highly persuasive for them.


Techniques that will empower your sales funnel across your digital platforms to stand out from the competition and drive more sales.


Access to professional free tools and programs that most people don’t know about that will make your sales funnel more effective and will save you time.


Access to effective ideas on how to grow your online sales divided per industry and to future e-book updates free of charge.

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Find below all the topics included in this marketing management ebook pdf with more than 120 pages of constantly updated content. (You’ll receive an email with the new version of the ebook every time we do an update, absolutely free of charge)

This Marketing Management Ebook pdf includes strategies proven to work for:

Retail Business

B2B Business

Amazon Sellers

eBay Sellers

Restaurants & Food Business

Healthcare Service

Local Business

E-Commerce Business

Beauty & Fitness Business

Travel & Professional Services

And More!

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Who are we to make such claims?

  • Serial entrepreneurs with +10 years experience.
  • Created innovative methodology – the UTS – that gets to empower marketing strategies with psychology science for higher results. 
  • Thanks to their UTS, they managed to expand the Serendipity Marketing brand in 1 year to be working in three different continents – Europe, America, and Asia – delivering services in 3 different languages: English, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Authors of the eBook “The 5 Steps to Dramatically Increase Your Sales” that got +50K copies sold with the first 2 editions.
  • Featured in Forbes, Disrupt, and other magazines to share their knowledge about business and marketing.
  • Consulting hundreds of entrepreneurs from startups to influencers and estabilished businesses.
  • Led businesses in different industries to increase by 400% their conversions. 


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With so many fake gurus selling empty promises, you might be sceptic. And speaking frankly, you should be.

We are Maria Lafuente Soria and Stefano Fracchiolla, CEOs and Co-Founders of the UT Academy and Serendipity Marketing.

You might not know us yet, but before having our services requested by big companies/running business internationally our journey hasn’t been that easy.We started from zero with no income and living in an expensive city like London. A lot of pressure though. We were putting in so many hours of work, but without good brand awareness, we were getting lost in the crowd and struggling to get clients.

It was very frustrating. But our motivation and love to help others made us push even harder, learning on our skin how to differentiate from the competition and drive constant new sales to the business.

It wasn’t easy, but with a different perspective and following the right strategies, it is achievable for every business in any industry.

Our business is now international, helping other businesses run high converting digital marketing in three different languages and increase their revenue from 3 to 10 times.We are literally responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales each month for our clients and us!

And how can we do this?

We use the same strategies and principles that you will find in our marketing management eBook pdf.

We are so grateful for what we have been achieving that we want to share everything we know in this marketing management ebook with no reserves to help as many other businesses as we can achieve the same.

Sell more with this Ebook for Marketing Management

With so many similar businesses competing for the same audience, getting high traffic and conversions online is becoming more and more challenging.

This is why you must avoid making mistakes that make it even harder and follow proven strategies able to generate constant income growth for businesses in any industry.

Selling online is like cooking. Even if you are not a great chef, if you follow step-by-step the right recipe, you can prepare delicious food as well.

In this e-book, you will find all the steps you need to follow, described step-by-step, to design effective digital sales funnels to reach a wider audience and drive them to become loyal clients!

All you need is just to follow the right recipe.


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We know that digital marketing evolves fast and what is new today may soon become outdated. For this reason, we constantly update our work, our content and ideas on how to increase sales, and you will be able to have access to the updates completely free of charge and for life.


My name is Maria Lafuente Soria, an expert in Marketing with more than 10 years’ experience in business. I am going to help you accelerate your sales through high converting digital marketing strategies.

On my accounts, I share with no reserves powerful digital marketing techniques for high visibility and sales.

My name is Stefano Fracchiolla, and I am an expert in Communication and Psychology. I have been in business for more than 10 years and I am going to help you empower your sales funnel with persuasive communication techniques for higher sales.

On my accounts I share techniques and tips to make your communication more persuasive and convert more.



  • Immediate access
  • Access for life
  • Permanent updates
    Downloadable resources
  • 5 Modules and 90 Lessons
  • Online and at your own pace
  • Tools to start creating content
  • examples and techniques



17 GBP

One-off Payment


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Absolutely yes! The e-book has been created in a way that everyone can read it easily from a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone.

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Once you have purchased the e-book you will receive all the updates permanently and free of charge. From the access platform you can always find the latest version of the book available for download.

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