40 to 45% of our daily activities are proven to be habits.

It means that almost half of what we do in our day to day life are automatic behaviours triggered by the situations that we face.

This means that the way we handle situations, in business and life, is directly influenced by the habits we wire in our brain through the years and past experiences.

Recognising the negative habits that make us stuck and inactive, changing them with positive ones that keep us active and help us leading us through the way to success.

At this point, someone may say: “Yes, but which ones are the best positive habits that I should focus on?”

The best habits that help you stay focused and increase your productivity are habits that have the benefit to teach you discipline, to recharge your energy and mind, to teach you to overcome your limits, and that dissociate your mind to something else that you love that is not business or work.


  • – Begin the day with a rigid routine: set your alarm early in the morning, get up, have a shower and a nice breakfast, read some news, do some mobility or breathing exercises. This will have the benefit of teaching you discipline and activate your body and mind, getting you ready to start the day.
  • – Don’t use your phone to reply to messages or staying on Social Media when you are in working time. If necessary, switch it off. This will teach you discipline and train your brain to focus on the work that you have to do without thinking about anything else.
  • – Breathing exercises/meditation/self-reflection: dedicate some time during the day to rest your body and mind and reflect on yourself, who you are and who you want to become. Self-awareness is where I see most of the people struggling the most. It is one of the major keys to developing productivity and reducing stress. Acknowledge what does not suit you right now, believing that you can change them, and setting up strategies for you to do that, it’s one the most fundamental keys to happiness and success.
  • – Work-out: dedicate some time to exercise your body with the workout you prefer. This will help you to dissociate your mind reducing the level of stress, and to push over your limits which will be reflected in your focus at work.
  • – Read: dedicate some time in your day to read a book or an article. This will train your brain plasticity and will allow you to learn new things that you can use in business. The more skills you develop, the more confident you will feel, increasing your performance.


Setting your habits right, developing some that will bring you benefits, instead of self-limitations, is a key to increasing your productivity and performance.

Just remember, it is a process.

So, take your time and work every day making small meaningful changes. With time, the sum of all those small changes will make a big change in the way that you behave, and developing discipline you will re-wire your brain with more positive automatic behaviours.

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