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There are over 4.57 billion internet users in 2020 and that number is surging at an exponential rate daily. It is safe to assume that your potential customers surf almost daily on the internet where it then would perhaps be easier for them to find your business. This is why, nowadays, having a functional website is one of the most important key points to increase your business visibility and conversion rate. Don’t you think so?

Let’s face it, your website is your best employee. It allows your business to be reached from people all over the world and markets your goods or services 24/7, even while you are sleeping. It will never miss work, and it will never ask for a pay raise or go for a vacation.

With an efficient strategy, customized around your business and your specific ideal clients, a simple website can easily turn into an incredible quality lead caption and conversion machine. So, here is the question; are you ready to take your web design to higher levels?

Right People + Your Business = Growth

Do you know how much you should spend on your Marketing to grow your business?

Web Design Pricing

Your website is critical to your business growth. Every element must be designed with your your brand and ideal clients in mind. Our yearly expertise in testing and designing websites will lead to creating a website that you and your visitors will love. Check out what’s included in our starting package below, and click on “Get a Quote” to get in touch with us today:

Custom Strategic Web Design
Devices Fully Responsive
Layout & Image
Brand & Audience Analysis
SEO (basic)on page
Web Pages
Copywriting - Text
Website Maintenance & Updates
Dedicated Account Rep
Video Placement
2 hours consultation
Website Hourly rate
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Showcase and Interaction
$120/ one off
500 words
$70/ month
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Showcase and Conversion
$120/ one off
1,000 words
$70/ month
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These plans should help to give you an idea of a starting point, but it is common for our clients to request additional custom work. Please contact us to learn how we can structure something bespoke for you and your business. Also, you can see below some of our popular add-ons:

Extra Pages (No text included)
Extra Pages (500-words)
Extra Pages (1,000-words)
Online Shop / E-commerce Install and Set up
Price per product added (E-commerce)
Full SEO
Lead Magnet Strategy
Monthly Blogging (500 words each article)
Monthly Blogging (1,000 words each article)
Monthly Blogging (2,500 words each article)
Monthly Email Marketing
Funnel (4 emails automated sequence)
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Don’t settle for a website that doesn’t represent your brand and convert the amount that you want. Our web design packages include creating a website that aligns with your goals and reflects your brand. Get a great-functioning website and increase your brand awareness and conversion rate.


We can create a specific and efficient customer’s journey on your website, customized around your ideal clients’ behaviour and your brand. Our web design packages include an efficient strategy to drive your visitors to feel engaged and become real clients. Of course, we will review this, as well as the rest, with you before launching the website live.


Make sure that your website is fully responsive on any device independently from the size. The phone, for example, is one of the most used devices for information research. And since Google launched its new search engine algorithm named “Mobilegeddon”, mobile responsiveness has never been this important. Our web design packages include creating a fully responsive web design to make sure that your website’s traffic across all devices will not be wasted.


Drive quality traffic to your website and more sales today. Our team of web specialists ensures that the traffic to your website will never be a problem. Whether you want to increase your visibility, generate more leads, or boost your sales, our SEO services generate quick and real results.



Exposure to a wider number of potential customers

Imagine this, having a website means that anyone anywhere in the world can find about your goods or services at the click of a button. This means opening to great possibilities to increase your visibility and be reached by a larger number of potential customers. As long as your website is optimized in search engines, anyone anywhere can easily stumble on your website based on what they are looking for. It may be a blog post that drove them to know you or they may be looking for a particular solution to their problem that you may be offering.

Automated sales

Your website can easily sell your products or services even when you are unavailable, as long as it is fully optimized and has a bespoke strategy implemented. Once your web design and copy are strategically settled to impact positively your visitors and drive them through the customer’s journey prepared for them, everything is ready for your business to increase its sales. And the best part? All gets completely automated.

Stand out from the competition

Let’s face it. If you stick to the common web design, your website would probably look quite similar to your competitors’ websites. And if your website looks and speaks almost the same as your competitors, users won’t probably remember your brand the moment they hit that back button. This is especially true for small to medium and start-up businesses.

The moment a visitor lands on any page of your website, give them the reason to stay on your website and make sure you leave a strong and positive impact on them through design and copy. Getting a bespoke design tailored specifically for your brand that makes the right emotional impact on your visitors is a key point to stand out from your competition.

Your advertisement cost is greatly lowered

Having a website exposes you to 4.57 billion current internet users and you can greatly lower your advertisement cost by attracting the right target audience. For example, let’s say you have a website for selling shoes. You can easily create a low-budget Facebook Ad Campaign that will run for a specific period of time and will target specific people based on several factors such as behaviour and their interest. This will in turn drive more targeted customer traffic to your website and help you increase your sales.

Our Web Design Pricing Plans

Now that we’ve walked you through the main benefits that your business will get from a functional website, you probably would like to have one straight away. And we can help you with that. Our full-service digital marketing agency offers affordable and flexible web designt pricing that you can choose from.

Management Fee

Our web design pricing ranges from £1000 to  £2100 on average. This price varies based on the amount of pages and copies we are going to create for you. Please note that this price is our fee to perform services on your behalf. It does not include any budget to run SEO optimization. It compensates us for the time it takes to design your website.

Optimization Budget

While we design strategically your website to attract more leads and sales, you may elect to allocate an SEO optimization budget to accelerate this process and grow faster. We have different options for SEO optimization among which you can choose the most suitable for your business. We will consult you through this process once you sign-up with us.

Setup Fee

We do not charge for any setup fee. What you see are our real prices, there are no surprises.



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How will you build a website that I like and fist my brand?

We will assess your needs and preferences in a website questionnaire followed by a meeting. This is how you will be able to describe the type of website you want and share with us all the information. You will also be able to provide us with examples of websites you like. We will use this information and our own knowledge and creativity to build a functional website that suits your business needs.

How long will it take?

It normally takes us 30-45 days to complete a website once we have everything that we need to start the website.

What if I don’t like the website?

Once the site is developed, we will send you a rough draft of the site. You will be able to compile a list of edits and we will make them for you. We will go through two full revisions of your website to make sure you are happy with what we deliver.

What platform will you build the website on?

We build all of our websites on WordPress. It is one of the best platforms to build a website on today. This is because it is packed with plugins and additional features that provide more customization than other platforms provide. It is also easy to maintain on your own.

Do you all maintain the website?

Yes, we can maintain your website. You can use us on an “as needed” basis or use our “unlimited” website maintenance plan. Our unlimited website maintenance plans include unlimited changes to your website, security, routine backups, and more. For more information on this, please contact us.

How long will my website be down?

If you have an existing website, it will not be down until the new website is complete. The new website will be developed on a temporary URL. We will not make it live on your domain until it is complete.

If you do not have an existing website, we can put a “Coming Soon” page up on your website while we are developing it. We will build the website on a temporary URL. We will not make the website live until the website is complete.


What do you need to develop the website?

We would need access to your hosting account, domain name, logo files, and any content that would like to have on your website. Once we have this, we will design your website to your expectations.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is the technology that makes websites accessible via the Internet. Without website hosting, users will not be able to view your website.

What is a domain?

The domain is the unique URL destination of your website (ex: www.serendipity-marketing.com).

Do you or I need to write the copy on my website?

It is your choice to write the copy on your website. In most cases, our clients will provide us with the copy or an outline of what they would like. However, for an additional fee, we can write the copy for your website.

Do I need to provide you with images for the website?

If you have images, we can incorporate them on your website. If not, we can use high-resolution stock images that reflect your brand.

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Our web design pricing is completely customizable to fit your business.

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