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Workshop To Generate Clients Through Social Media

Learn all the steps and tools that will help you scale your social media presence and drive more potential customers to know about you and convert them into real clients.
In this workshop, we’ll show you:

✅How to find your niche
✅How to create high-catching pieces of content that will engage your audience
✅How to create highly persuasive copies that will convert your potential customers
✅Organic strategies and techniques to increase your account visibility
✅How to create a process for organic higher conversions
✅How to run Facebook and Instagram Ads to target your specific niche
✅Tools that will help you create great quality content and save time

🟠 Online Event
🟠 Duration: 2 hours estimated
🟠 Price: $37

10th February – 3pm UK Time 


25th February – 3pm UK Time