If you ever receive our emails in your Spam box or promotions, here are the steps to start receiving our email in your main email box

Step 1: Open your email Account and go to Settings








Step 2: Select “All Settings”














Step 3: Once in Settings, Click on “Filters and blocked addresses”









Step 4: Click on “Create a new filter”









Step 5: Where it says “Include the words”, type @serendipity-marketing.com and then click on “Create Filter”












Step 6: Select “Never send it to spam” and then click on “Create filter”




















Now you shouldn’t receive our emails in your spam box!



In case our emails arrive in Promotions or Social box:


  1. Drag the email into the PRIMARY box
  2. In the pop up message that you receive, click on “Yes” to confirm that future messages from that email will be sent to Primary.