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Get More Visibility On Social Media

If you don't have time to post on social media, you feel lazy about it, or simply it's not your thing, we will manage your social media accounts and we will reach more people interested in your products or services.

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These guys have helped me massively. I’ve started a new business venture on my own, which can be daunting by itself. But the team at Serendipity has not only helped me grow all my social media outlets but also helped curate content, and finesse social media strategies. I think it’s important to have a positive team help grow your business and this company is it ! You won’t regret it !




Gone are the days when simply taking a photo, popping a good filter on, and posting it was enough to gain visibility and qualified followers.


If you want to reach more potential clients on social channels,

it takes daily engagement, valuable content creation, personality,

being on top of trends, and working the algorithm.


Consistency is key on social media! Get constant stream of engaging content for higher visibility and interaction.


Get high-quality unique content that will make you stand out from others and transmit your brand vision.


Grow your presence on social networks and make it impossible for your ideal clients not to notice you.

This service is for you if...

  •  You are a small business owner, freelancer, professional, or blogger and you want to increase your visibility on multiple social media platforms.
  • You are a coach or speaker who wants to go from invisible to be recognised in your industry. 
  • You are an entrepreneur and you want to bring your personal brand out of the shadows - and be seen (and SELL more) everywhere!

We have experience working with clients in almost any industry!

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Actors & Musicians
  • Architects
  • Artists
  • Authors
  • Beauty & Make-Up Artists
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Services
  • Design
  • Digital & Physical Products
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Event & Wedding Planning
  • Fashion & Style
  • Fitness
  • Food & Catering
  • Healing & Spirituality
  • Health Care
  • Investments
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing & PR
  • Multi-Level & Networking
  • Photography & Videography
  • Product-Based Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Salon Owners
  • Senior Management
  • Services businesses
  • Subscription boxes
  • Technology & App Based
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Yoga & Wellness

Our Different Solutions

To Increase Awareness. And Sales.


Before £900


NOW £500


Accounts Audit 

Content Creation & Plan

Hashtags Strategy

2 posts per week

2 stories with interaction per week

Facebook and Instagram


Before £1200


NOW £750


Accounts Audit 

Content Creation & Plan

Hashtags Strategy

3 posts per week

3 stories with interaction per week

Management of the accounts M-F from 9-5

Facebook and Instagram


Before £1500


NOW £950


Accounts Audit 

Content Creation & Plan

Hashtags Strategy

5 posts per week

5 stories with interaction per week

Management of the accounts M-F from 9-5

Facebook and Instagram

You can also...

Get Faster Results By Adding Social Ads Into Your Strategy

  • No more worrying about sales
  • No more stress about where the next client will come from
  • Increase leads and sales
  • Be seen on multiple platforms
  • Reach a higher number of potential cusomers
  • Grow your business

How Our Clients Feel

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What You Will Get

Step 1: Audit

We will start with an audit of your existing social media footprint to identify audience and trends compared to your competitors. The social media audit results will help us strategise an integrated content plan to increase visibility, online growth, and engagement.

Step 2: Content Plan

You surely know that more people are turning to social media for business information, and it is increasingly crucial to maintain a cohesive voice across platforms. Gone are the days of on-the-fly strategy creation. Instead, today’s success on social media comes from an understanding of each platform's unique purpose and audience.

Step 3: Content Creation & Posting

Maintaining a consistent stream of engaging social media content is often time-consuming and challenging for companies, regardless of their size. So, Serendipity Marketing will generate strategy-driven, unique content, actively working with your company to ensure that your brand values and vision are fully represented while providing engaging your audience.

Step 4: Optimization

We will analyse the content performance to adjust and optimize the strategy and yield the most effective results for you. We will monitor how your audience responds and engages with your company on social media and leverage that information for higher visibility and interaction.

Learn How Easily You Can Create Content For Your Business

Download for Free our list of +100 content ideas for your social media divided by industry that will feel like "Hey, this makes my life so much easier!

All This Sounds Cool? Here Are the Next Steps!

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1.

Get in touch

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Step 2.

Meet us

We will schedule a meeting with you to understand your business and your social media specific requirements.

Step 3.

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Once we agree on one of the plans, we will start working on your account straight away and get you started.

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I want to say a huge thanks to Maria, Stefano, and the whole team behind Serendipity Marketing. Their digital marketing agency London helped me generate more qualified leads for my business and automatise the process. I can fully focus on other tasks as I know they take care of my digital marketing, generating the results my business needs to grow. Highly recommended!


My hands are up. Technology is a weakness of mine. For too long I fumbled my way through it. Making mistakes, losing money.. and just when I thought it couldn’t get any more frustrating something happened…I met Maria. Her digital marketing agency London is a whirlwind. Their attitude and service is second to none and they have a genuine passion to help people. They have made a difference in my life and business. They are always pushing themselves to learn and expand for MY benefit. Something I am truly grateful for. I fully recommend giving them a go at helping to reduce stress in your life and business and get it working for you, instead of sucking time away from you.


They are very professional. They work putting attention to detail and they are very careful. We are based in Cádiz, and, although we aren't in the same city, we feel very closed to them. There is an essential human side in this type of projects. We want to transmit what we feel inside, and with them, we feel they understand us. They empathize very much with what we want to do and transmit. With them, we feel super safe and confident, and willing to work with them. Thanks to these two, Stefano and María and to the whole team behind Serendipity Marketing.


I am creating my new project and just started working with Serendipity Marketing. They are the best at helping me to develop my marketing strategy and focus on my audience. But the greatest thing is I am much more motivated because I feel I am not alone in my new adventure :)

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How will my business benefit from Social Media Services?

Social Media will help you to increase your online presence. With Social Media activities, we can promote your services on varios social media platforms and configure media campaigns for 360º success.

Which platform will be helpful for my business?

This depends upon your target audience and the nature of your business. After a thorough audit of your web presence, we can find the best suitable platform for your enterprise as this may vary from one brand to another.

How can I trust Serendipity Marketing for giving access to my social media accounts and campaigns?

Serendipity Marketing has a stringent data security system in place. We are compliant with Eu's GDPR, Canada's PIPEDA and US' ECPA. Additionally, we will sign an NDA. 

How long does it take to get started?

If you are ready to get started, contact us. One of our sales consultants will help you identify the best plan of action and develop a proposal for you. Upon your approval, we will send you a contract and get your campaign started asap.

Do you offer other digital marketing services?

Yes! We are a full-service digital marketing agency. We can help you with website design (we will design your entire website), web changes, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), SEO (we'll help you rank on first positions on Google), Social Ads, Google Ads, Email marketing (we'll write beautiful emails and we will send them to your database), content creation (we'll help you writing blogs, articles or anything your need), and much more! Contact us today to find out how we can help your business, 

How soon should I expect to see results?

If you define results as followers and engagement, our clients normally notice an increase in followers and engagement within the first 30 days. The results should continue to increase each month.

We recommend our clients to try this service for at least 6-12 months to see a noticeable impact on conversions. This is because the main focus of our social media management service is to develop your brand’s followers, engagement, and word-of-mouth. If you want to focus on driving conversions in the short-term, you should consider using our paid social advertising services.

Do I have to provide you with content?

No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it.

Your social media account manager can develop unique content that fits your brand. We have access to stock photography, simple design software, as well as relevant news sources. We can use this to develop content to engage your audience.

Do you monitor the pages for comments, messages and reviews?

Yes, your social media account manager will be monitoring the pages for comments, messages, and reviews. If we know the answer to the question or comment, we will respond accordingly. If we do not know the answer, we will direct the question to you and notify you via email.

Are there any set up fees?

No, there isn’t any hidden fee!

Who will be working on my account?

You will be assigned a dedicated social media account manager. This person is trained in social media marketing and is likely to have experience working with clients similar to your industry. This person will be your main point of contact. All of our social media copy and graphics go through an internal review process to ensure that you receive quality work every time.

Who will learn about my business?

Once we agree we are going to work together, we will take up to 1-2 weeks to know better your company, and to collect all the content and information that we need to start working. If for example, we sign a contract of 6 months working together, we will only need the first 2 weeks to prepare material and review it with you. It’s fair, right? If you hire a company to work for you, they need to take a bit of time to prepare the right content for you! We will also send you a questionnaire, we learn more about your content preferences. In the social media strategy we develop for you, it will specify the content approach that we will use for your business. If you approve this approach, we will start developing your social media posts in a content calendar. You will have an opportunity to review all content in advance before it is published to your social media profiles.

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