As every effective process, getting good results through your marketing needs to follow an effective strategy.

It allows you to have everything under control, managing efficiently different channels at the same time, and to have a truly powerful message which grabs your specific audience’s attention and makes them want to buy from your business.


How can you then have such an effective and high converting marketing strategy?


At first, there is something that needs to be pointed out. To design an effective action plan, you need to put at the centre of the process who or what you want to target with it.

In business, you most likely want to use marketing to communicate your message making people know more about what you offer and trust your business enough to purchase from it.

You are then targeting people and in particular, those who are interested or have a need related to your industry and offer.


You want to grab THEIR attention, and you want to make THEM understand that your business is the right one to purchase from.


Therefore, your specific audience is the one who needs to be put at the centre of your strategic planning to make it really effective. The more you get to know your ideal clients, the better you can prepare your action plan to be truly engaging and able to increase your conversion rate.


Purchasing is mainly emotional, and everyone buys most likely something that they unconsciously feel able to please their emotions.


  • Targeting your specific clients’ needs and problems leveraging their psychology and emotions is what will empower your message, making it stand out among all the others and your audience fully trust your business and values.
  • – Getting to know their emotions and psychology, using them to share helpful information for them, will engage THEM not only rationally but also unconsciously at a very deep and intimate level.


That’s where you make the real difference in your marketing strategy and performance. That’s how you build long-lasting relationships with your clients. That’s how you take your business to constantly grow and reach stable success.

You can download for FREE here our Aura Technique Template to get to know your audience at a deeper level. Just Click below and in the new window place your name and email and submit. It will arrive onto your email straightaway.


I hope this information and this FREE Aura Template are useful for you to work on something that will make the difference in your life and business. You can also see a video about how to know your audience’s new needs in our YouTube channel, just tap here.

Please, do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions for your business, I would be very happy if I can help you to overcome this situation.

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I am Maria Lafuente, CEO of Serendipity Marketing. I help entrepreneurs and business owners to succeed in their businesses and to acquire the right marketing skills.

I am a business owner, investor, marketing specialist and speaker.

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I am Stefano Fracchiolla, CEO of Serendipity Marketing. I help entrepreneurs and business owners to build up a strong business mindset and have their businesses under their control.

I am a business owner, investor, mindset specialist and speaker.

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