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SM Agency is a full-service digital agency specialising in creating emotional experiences through marketing. We rely on the newest neuroscientific methodology and technology which allow us to get +97% precision in audiences’ emotional understanding and +250% campaigns performance growth. Our experienced team helps brands of any nature connect with customers at a deeper level and get the most out of their marketing campaigns.

Would you like to sell more with your project or business? I am sure that your answer is yes. You know, as per our experience as leading online marketing consultant Essex sometimes it is a matter of taking action.

The strategy is important but it does not generate sales. Only when you put the actions in motion, you get the results you want.

And like this, it is that sales will not come alone or knock on your door without putting in place the right actions to make this happen.

You have to take the actions that lead to them: get them and increase them – that is the goal.

Challenge yourself to perform a sales action every day, although if you feel overwhelmed you can start 3-4 times a week.

In this post, I am going to give you some tips so that you can put them into practice today. Take a pen and paper and write down those practices or strategies that I am listing below because you will want to implement them to convert more.

I want to share these actions that from my experience are the ones that work best.

You already know that passive selling leads to a few conversions, while the active and daily sales carried out with strategy and tactics lead to real results and business growth.

Get rid of your head that selling is a bad thing, it is necessary for your business and your ideal client.



1. Send an email to your database


Not that you have to bombard your audience with emails every day, but you will want to send one email to your database weekly or every 15 days.

It can be a direct sale for a promotion or launch of a product or service, such as occurs on Black Friday. Or it can be a combination of storytelling with a final call to action.

Combining the sale with content in the emails is the best formula as it has the power to engage more your readers and drive them to take the desired action.



2. Upload posts on Instagram Stories – leading online marketing consultant Essex secret for social media boost


The power of Instagram stories is brutal. In fact, some surveys show that better sales results are achieved with stories rather than with publications, but you already know that everything is necessary.

Use the power of stories to engage your audience, invite them to your new course or sign up for a free workshop.

There are many formulas to do it and at that moment you must have a clear script.



3. Make a post on Facebook


Social networks have an enormous capacity to reach your audience. Take advantage of them and publish content of interest to you on Facebook.

Reach your target audience with posts that hook and, above all, that they like. Not all publications need to drive to a sale, generating valuable content is also important to give yourself visibility and grow your reputation.

Remember it’s a game where you want to win your audience’s trust.

Combine direct sales posts with others that have nothing to do with it.

Remember that it is a social network and people often consult it for entertainment and fun.



4. Post on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the most important professional social network of all. Creating and maintaining a network of contacts is essential to growing in it.

The publications on LinkedIn can also be interesting to trigger the sale and reach a qualified and specific target audience.

You mustn’t lose your attention or focus on this social network that grows more and more every day. For example, if your business is B2B, publishing on LinkedIn is ideal to reach company leaders or people who hold specific positions.

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5. Retrieve a call with a future customer


It probably happened to you as well that you started a conversation with a client who has been left in the middle. An effective sales action could be to pick up your agenda and call him back.

Here I can give you 3 tips that will help you for your calls with clients:

– Focus on the customers who have been with the least time first. They will need more advice than others who have already been with you more.

– Don’t try to sell him on the call. Listen to his project and everything he has to tell you.

– In case you cannot close the sale, indicate that you are at their disposal. You will be able to follow up on it afterward.



6. Remind the quotation sent


Keep track of those estimates you sent, remind your client of the proposal you sent him the other day, and trigger his response.

I recommend that you take an excel file and write down the status of each client, if it is in the waiting phase, if it is waiting for you to send the proposal or if you are simply waiting for an email to respond.

My advice is that you write down all the information you need in that excel that can be your Bible, customer contact information such as email or telephone, if the proposal has been sent or not, status, and comments that will help you to carry out a commercial follow-up of all potential clients.



7. Pop up and WhatsApp button on your website


You can also carry out some sales actions within your website.

For example, make an exit pop-up appear or add a button so that they can talk to us directly on WhatsApp.

Customer service from our digital platforms is essential to generate trust so that your customers feel protected and have support at all times.

From the popup or the WhatsApp button to your website, any user will be able to contact you and your company’s support person will give them the advice they need.

This is essential for your company’s reputation to grow and more and more users trust your products or services.

Everything adds up and if you make it easier for the user, much better.



Not everything you transmit should be a sale – important online marketing consultant Essex insight


Not everything you share on social networks should be a sale, nor should all the emails you send to your database.

In all the content we generate we rarely sell, what we seek is to generate value and share our experience.

Remember, the main part is providing them value and making them trust you and your business.

You can combine publications with valuable information to generate value with the publications that are direct sales of your product or service.

That one of the stories you upload can be a reminder of what you offer.



All actions add up


You must bear in mind that not all sales come from large launches, also the small actions you carry out lead the user to become a client.

Now I suggest that you take your agenda and decide what sales actions you can do during the week.

It is important that you put dates on the actions. Your project feeds on small and large things that you do in the medium, short and long term to make it grow.



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